4 Strange and Stellar Singles title

Mating Ritual  “Hum Hum” Ryan Marshall Lawhon began Mating Ritual during a hiatus from his other mainstay, Pacific Air. This new project marks his first solo endeavor and, if the latest single from Mating Ritual is any indication of what’s to be expected, we hope he enjoys working by himself. “HumRead More →

5 super cool 3 track releases title

It seems like the latest trend happening in music is the 3-track release. More than just a single and a b-side, but not quite an EP, the 3-track offers up a sampling of what artists have to offer. Here are a few new additions to our 3-track collection… The Lonesome BilliesRead More →

Psychedelic 00

Party Gardens Moon Synth-heavy indie rockers out of L.A. known as Party Gardens counts some Phoenix transplants amongst its ranks including members of Yellow Minute and What Laura Says. The group released Moon on March 27th. The six track album combines appropriately Cali-inspired surf and psychedelia with an effervescent indie pop that reminds me of otherRead More →

chill singles 00

Asian Fred “When I Speak” In the absence of Of the Painted Choir, I’m thrilled to see new tracks emerging from the mindspace of Fred Huang who is now performing under the moniker “Asian Fred”. This new track provides more of the idyllic dreampop I’ve been missing. “When I Speak” is perfectRead More →

5 lively singles

Sundressed “The Dirt” Is it just me? Or has Sundressed really been picking up their game? I seem to like each new single more than I liked the last one. “The Dirt” – the latest single from the band – is no exception. It’s probably my favorite Sundressed track. Ever.Read More →