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We’re fortunate to live in an area with such a supportive music scene. Musicians usually have good things to say about other bands making the rounds on the local circuit, but few, if any, are as pervasively enthusiastic as Andy Warpigs. In all our dealings with the man, he has neverRead More →


It’s that time of year again… Awards’ Month!! January is our time to acknowledge the artists and albums that really defined 2014 for us so get ready for the action. Don’t worry, we’ll keep posting our “Show Picks of the Week” so keep sending us those flyers! We’ll be returningRead More →

Mark Calexico – Spiritoso My staff pick for the year 2013 would have to be Calexico’s Spiritoso. Released 10 years after their seminal album Feast of Wire (my introduction to Calexico, given to me by my cousin Rex), Spirtoso draws from that release as well as their entire catalougue to createRead More →

by Jofrin PezzatiLately, it seems as though my level of cynicism grows daily. I am often quick to outwardly reflect the animosity I feel toward particular mediums. However, the root of my condition is merely an attempt to purge life-force-draining energy rather than breed additional dark matter and chaos. NotRead More →