2016 awards recap

Alrighty gang, this wraps up our 2016 Awards portion of the year. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the Awards Show at the Trunk Space last night. We will now continue to cover all the new shit. More local, national, and international music coverage is on theRead More →

snake river blues 000

The Sedona act decker. is known for continually pushing their sound in new directions with each and every release they put out. The year 2015 brought us Patsy, an introspective folk masterpiece, and the band returned again in 2016 a little rowdier but with the same fervent intensity that first put them onRead More →

red tank

The ruckus energy of Red Tank! really comes through in their 2016 release, BIO/FEEDBACK, which came out last August. The album contains ten tracks of rowdy noise punk that will suck the angst right out of your ear holes. According to their Bandcamp page, Red Tank! crafts “dystopian punk for millennial scum”Read More →

soundtrack 00

Arizona’s favorite punkgrass band released their fourth LP, Light it Up, this year just in time for one of the most horrifying election seasons in American history. Coincidence? We think not. The notoriously clever Haymarket Squares are just getting us ready for the grassroots resistance movement that is about to sweep through theRead More →

ohioan 00

I don’t even know what to say about the 2016 release from Tucson-based band, Ohioan, except that it is a beautiful and breathtaking album that every desert dweller should have in their personal collection. Empty / Every Mountain was released back in May and contains six tracks of Appalachian-tinged, desert-drone, folkRead More →

foster family band

Man, this band is good. Sometimes, although not as often as we like, the artistry of an album really takes us aback and leaves us struggling to find the right words to translate that aural experience into something our readers can understand. For me, // by The Foster Family Band wasRead More →

no volcano

It was just last year that No Volcano first came on the scene and took home our Dark Horse Award for their debut album, Who Saved the Party?. And, this year, they returned with another full length release. It seems like No Volcano was setting us up for disappointment. They released theRead More →

sugar skull explosion

The father-daughter musical duo that makes up Sugar Skull Explosion had everyone talking in 2016. From their rambunctious onstage energy to their infectious lyrics, Sugar Skull Explosion is more than a gimmick. It’s a rowdy force that proves that parenting and punk can go hand-in-hand. The band released a 7-trackRead More →

hologram 00

When it comes to output, there are few artists that can compete with I.Am.Hologram. Richard Nihil, the man behind the moniker, put out six – SIX!! – releases in 2016. And while that fact alone might have you scoffing and thinking he’s the Danielle Steele of local music, constantly churningRead More →

things that

Wait, who are these guys? The five-piece band known as Things That Aren’t Words has us wondering just what other secrets Tucson is keeping tucked away. In all fairness, the band seems to play a lot of shows (in Tucson) and gets solid airtime from KXCI (in Tucson) so, asRead More →

steph 000

As some of you may know, we like to kick off our annual awards by recognizing a member of the arts community that has gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting said community. And, although we had a few recommendations for the recipient of our Spirit Award thisRead More →

2016 awards recap

Another year has gone by and it seems like we heard more music this year than ever before. So, perhaps it goes without saying, 2016 was one of the most difficult years when it came time to buckle down and pick favorites. Nevertheless, after uncounted hours spent spinning albums forRead More →