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Booking shows is my least favorite activity ever. It’s a complete pain in the ass. Bands, and musicians in general, seem to be schedule-impaired and are usually not responsive in a very timely fashion. That can be challenging when you’re striving to maintain a hectic show calendar. The volunteers atRead More →

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When life gets the upperhand, it can seem insurmountable to change your position. Billy Sedlmayr did just that. After combatting both drug abuse and prison life, Sedlmayr returned to music this year with Charmed Life; a stunning, salt-of-the-earth storybook. Bob Hanshaw, author of our Tucson Portraits series, describes the album as, “aRead More →

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We’re fortunate to live in an area with such a supportive music scene. Musicians usually have good things to say about other bands making the rounds on the local circuit, but few, if any, are as pervasively enthusiastic as Andy Warpigs. In all our dealings with the man, he has neverRead More →


It’s that time of year again… Awards’ Month!! January is our time to acknowledge the artists and albums that really defined 2014 for us so get ready for the action. Don’t worry, we’ll keep posting our “Show Picks of the Week” so keep sending us those flyers! We’ll be returningRead More →

Usually around this time of year, we’re bustling around trying to wrap up our awards issue. This year with our new blog format in place we’re excited to announce our new annual Awards Month!! Every day we’ll highlight another individual or group that helps to make the Arizona music andRead More →