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Revisiting the innovations of previous decades has always been the right of artist, but only by bringing a modern context to those early influences can one really create something memorable. In 2014, we’ve heard plenty of bands that seek to shape their sound from some retro rehashing, but the realRead More →

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The Trunk Space commemorated 10 Years with the biggest (and longest) show anyone has thrown in these parts in quite some time if not in all of Phoenix history. The Indie 500 continued for 10 days (or nights) during which time a total of 500 songs were performed. The showRead More →

Every year we see bands come and go, but this year marked a special occasion for the folks over at Banana Gun. The band celebrated their Quinquennial (or 5 year anniversary) with a special EP, I and the Me. The EP marked the band’s second release for the year, provingRead More →

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Every year we like to acknowledge one person who has really pushed to bring arts to the forefront of our community. In 2014, it was Daniel Funkhouser who continually brought our attention back to the local art community, not only through his personal artistic endeavors, but also through his workRead More →

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I think it was something about the name that glazed over Copper & Congress in my mind. Understand, please, that many of our conversations take place in noisy, crowded, music-filled spaces. I must have walked around for at least a little while thinking the band was actually a new bar inRead More →

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(1) “Pyramids” by Burning Palms If you follow our coverage, you know we’re big supporters of Burning Palms out of Tucson. That’s because they make rad music: mysterious, mystical, ruckus. That’s how we like our rocknroll. Enjoy the video for “Pyramids” below and read more about the band in BobRead More →

Who the hell throws scavenger hunts these days? OK, quite a few people actually, but they all pale in comparison to a hunt thrown by NXOEED himself, Mr. James B. Hunt. And sure, maybe he’s been awarded these accolades before but I mean, come one, Hunt is in his very name.Read More →

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Lenguas Largas  Come On In Tucson’s Lenguas Largas released Come On In through L.A.’s Recess Records back in August. It was the perfect addition to our summer listening and we kept right on at it through the rest of the year. According to the band’s Facebook page, “[Lenguas Largas] hope to oneRead More →

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Whether it’s truly known or not, there is a wide-range of electronic music output happening in Arizona. Maybe it’s because the technology and software are easier to obtain than ever or simply because more people are turning to electronic means of creation, but we’re sure to see much more in theRead More →

I always convince myself there is nothing worse than the Arizona summer. That is, until I’m sitting in the freezing cold on the precipice of a new year and then suddenly I find myself longing for days when I don’t have to wear ten layers of clothing. Thankfully, I have myRead More →

We always seem to find one artist every year that really confronts that lazy, shiftless musician archetype with perspective-changing force. This past year, Dan Tripp (aka Allmond) of Field Tripp fame went above and beyond to earn our award for “Hardest Working Musician”. In addition to releasing THREE EPs withRead More →