no volcano title

No Volcano? Never heard of them. At least, I never heard them before this year and now I can’t seem to stop listening. The Phoenix four-piece released their full-length debut, Who Saved the Party?, through Onus Records last January. I briefly encountered their music through the music video for “Tribute”, theRead More →

mega ran 00

We’ve been covering and enjoying Random aka Mega Ran for awhile now but something has clearly changed with the release of RNDM, his latest and, shall we say, greatest. First of all, it seems as though he has officially adopted the Mega Ran moniker, with all the obligation that it implies,Read More →

good friends 00

We had to wait more than two years for Good Friends Great Enemies to release the follow-up to their sophomore EP, Random Happenings. It was so totally worth the wait. Cautiously Poptimistic escapes the confines of categorization with its infectious jazz-pop fusion. And, what’s more, the album speaks volumes for what isRead More →

day before plastics 00

If you’re looking to gain a lot of attention for your impending album release, it’s usually a good idea not to schedule it near the end of the year. Everyone in the press is swamped wrapping up the year and preparing for any awards their publication has planned. What’s more, fans areRead More →

consumer title

This was an unusually contentious category this year because of how many really great punk releases that came out of the Valley. Consumer released a stellar demo back in January of 2015 and then they followed up that release with another incredible EP over the summer. Grimy, dissonant, droney, andRead More →

art scene queen title

Okay, okay, I know it’s more than a little self-aggrandizing to give an award to our own arts editor… but, the way I see it, if you’re in the local arts community and you don’t know Nicole Royse, you might be doing something wrong. This artist, writer, curator, wife, mother of three, andRead More →

mike montoya title

Mike Montoya, of Fatigo fame, released a six-track EP last summer and we’ve revisited it countless times over the months that followed. From the very start of Montoya’s KIND, there is a distinctive southwestern vibe from its Latin sound infusion to its dusty storytelling style. In a mere six tracks, Montoya managesRead More →

A lot of new spots popped up on the local scene in 2015, but it’s Valley Bar that has won us over despite its unusually high percentage of intoxicated hipsters. But with drinks like “The Janet Napolotini” and “That’s a Ducey” served in the Rose Room (named for Rose Mofford),Read More →

dadadoh 00

Dadadoh has had a busy year. A couple of tours, a role in a movie, a little bit of modeling, and an action packed schedule of promotion including everything from radio spots to stand-up comedy. The man is busy. And yet through it all, he manages to maintain the type ofRead More →

2015 awards 00

It’s that time of year again so get ready for our 2015 Awards! We listens to hundreds if not thousands of new releases every year. This is our time to acknowledge the albums that really stood out for us amongst the sea of new sounds. Before the festivities start tomorrow,Read More →

2014 Awards Recap

Here is the complete list of 2014 Awards!! Miss Congeniality: Andy Warpigs Best Album to Jumpstart Your Existential Crisis: Christmas Island by Andrew Jackson Jihad Best Comeback: Billy Sedlmayr Most Committed Crew: The Trunk Space Hardest Working Musician: Dan Tripp Best Eternal Summer Album: Lawnchair’s EP Best Electronic Album: FreshRead More →

electric manbaby 00

As you well know, our Awards Month every January is our time to acknowledge the albums that really helped define the year for us. And, every year, we reserve “Album of the Year” for that one album that has really marked the year: the one we gave to friends, theRead More →