Dry Noise Zine & the Yuma Music Scene [Interview with Mat Crawford]

dry noise 02
All photos courtesy of Dry Noise

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Apparently, YabYum might be slacking on the Yuma front. Sure, we can rattle off Phoenix or Tucson bands or any one of a host of other Arizona cities, but Yuma, it seems we owe you an apology.

Thankfully, the good people of Dry Noise zine stepped forward to fill us in on the city that they call home. Mat Crawford, co-editor & co-creator, of Dry Noise was kind enough to talk to us about the scene, the zine, and all things musical in Yuma.

YabYum: Is Dry Noise staffed by a team or is more an effort of few/one with contributing writers?

Mat Crawford for Dry Noise: Dry Noise is run by myself and Trina Elam. Together we handle all of the transcribing, design, and curation of the content. All of the artwork for each issue comes from a different artist in our community. We do welcome all submissions from anyone who wants to contribute, and have published submitted poems and columns.

Mat and Trina
What is the area of focus for the zine? Music? More than music? Music specific to a location or genre?

We try to focus on topics related to mainly music and any kind of visual art. We knew there were a lot of very creative people and bands in our hometown and wanted to showcase them in a creative way.

As a musician who grew up in a kind of small town, I’ve always been really interested in how artistic types work, and how they relate to their communities. So we started talking to our friends and bands around us, and grew from there.

One of our main goals is to show how diverse the art and music is in our community, so we try to focus on anything generally music, art, and/or southwest related.

dry noise 04How many issues have you released thus far?

In May, we put out our 9th official issue of Dry Noise. We try to release an issue about once a month. We also put out our first compilation album in November 2016, and a special mini-issue on the annual In-Tents Festival, a punk-rock music festival out in the Picacho Desert.

Can you tell me a little about the Yuma music scene?

The overall community that exists here is fantastic. Though most groups kind of keep to themselves, almost everyone is incredibly supportive of each other. Since not a lot of larger acts come through here, people tend to really appreciate all the shows they do get.

dry noise crew 02Are certain genres more heavily represented than others?

While some genres come in waves (I think every community has experienced a ska phase at one time or another), there’s definitely a few that have stuck around.

The punk scene and metal/hardcore scene have stuck around for a while. They both have very tight communities who come out to almost every single show. I think Yuma is somewhat of a working-class town, and the people in those communities just like having a place to relax or relieve stress.

There is also a decent amount of reggae bands around, as well as cover/tribute bands.

dry noise 06What are your favorite spots to catch live music?

Currently, some of the best shows take place at Maverick Bar and The Alement. Us at Dry Noise are big supporters of all-ages shows, and we have started hosting our own all-ages shows at North End Coffeehouse, a really cool, small cafe in an old historic building. Littlewood Artist Co-op has also been hosting really great all-ages events lately too.

But some of the greatest shows that have ever happened in Yuma have been at Prison Hill, a small public park near the famous Yuma Territorial Prison. It has been the main source of the best DIY shows in Yuma for many years, and almost all genres have performed there.

Any stellar bands we should know about?

Honestly too many. Samsara, Venkman’s Ghost, Lazarus Threw The Fight, Plebeian Planet, Working Mutts, Glitterfoot – all really great bands still going strong from Yuma, AZ. We have a growing directory of bands and musicians that are active in our community at drynoise.tumblr.com/directory.


For more Dry Noise check out their Facebook page.

dry noise 06 dry noise best of 2016

YabYum Seven: Shannon Campbell

Shannon Campbell 01
Shannon Campbell with Carlos Santana. All photos courtesy of Shannon Campbell
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Shannon Campbell. I am a creative director, wardrobe stylist, style reporter and single mom to my amazing 11-year old son Brady.

How did you get your start?

I went to Catholic grade school, first through eighth grade, and had to wear a uniform to school every day. When it came to go to high school, my parents said I could either go to public high school or Catholic high school. I have always had a love for fashion my whole life. I used to babysit and any money I made I would spend on clothes. I opted for public school so I no longer had to wear a uniform.

I spent more time the night before coordinating what I was going to wear to school the next day, than on my homework. Everyone said it was like watching a fashion show every day seeing the outfits I would wear. And did I throw out my clothes after I wore them because I never duplicated the same “look” twice. Its all about mixing and matching, and accessorizing. I didn’t know that I could actually do that for a job!! I went to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the rest is history.

Shannon Campbell 02What inspires you?

My son inspires to me to want to be more successful and be a better mom/person every day.

I am also inspired by runway shows and fashion magazines (specially international ones). I could sit at Barnes and Nobles all day just to check out what the latest trends and fashions are.

I am also a big fan of Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas for upcoming shoots.

What do you like about AZ?

I am a big fan of the sunshine. I grew up in the East Coast and spent six years in Manhattan. Cold and grey just isn’t me….and I love that you can literally drive down the street and go to a 5-star resort for a fun day at the pool or staycation.

Also I work a lot in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas so its not a long drive or plane ride if I need to work there for the day. And the cost of living is not nearly as expensive.

Shannon Campbell 03
Shannon with Larry Hernandez
Where can we see you(r) work?

You can see me on all the local TV stations talking about fashion trends. But I feel my home is with all the amazing people at Fox 10 News. I am a regular on that channel.

Or also producing, and speaking at fashion shows. I just did a big show with John Jay Van Es from 104.7 kiss FM for his #lovepup charity.

Also I just styled Carlos Santana for his new album that is coming out this month that he collaborated on with his wife Cindy Blackman Santana and the Isley Brothers called Power of Peace for Sony Music.

I also just worked on a music video with Latino Musician Larry Hernandez, and supermodel Sofia Guzman for NBC Universal.

I freelance with many publications so you can see my work in many different magazines. I’ve worked with North Valley Magazine, So Scottsdale, JAVA, Arizona Foothills, Fantasticsmag.com, Gladys Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Vanquish, and Vogue Italia to name a few.

And I also love to style fashion shows, I am up for styling a show for Miami Swim Week in July.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I would like to own my own fashion magazine and live on the beach.

What is your mantra?

Its not about the label, its about the look – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks. Its all about how you accessorize and put the look together.


For more on Shannon Campbell, visit her website.

Shannon Campbell 04
Spring Into Summer Fashion Show with JGroup Media for La Isla Brand Swimwear. Brooke Villoine at FORD RBA

Pan Productions Revisits Labyrinth in The Goblin King’s City

goblin king 00by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

The good people who brought you the film-to-stage version of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Firehouse and the musical adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo are gearing up for what might be their most magical production to date. Yes, the team at Pan Productions has been locked away for months hard at work on The Goblin King’s City; a stage adaptation of the 1986 cult classic, Labyrinth.

What I like most about the rambunctious upstarts of Pan Productions is that these folks go BIG and they go BOLD. For this new musical, they count nearly a hundred musicians, actors, and artists amongst their ranks. And, they even went so far as to add two new songs to the famed soundtrack.

goblin king 01
All photos courtesy of Ting Ting and Pan Productions

And, once again, local musicians join the cast and crew to help bring The Goblin King’s City to life with the multimedia flair that would make David Bowie proud.

One new song was penned by Serene Dominic, who also wrote the musical (and previous Pan Productions’ Production) Swimming in the Head, and the other addition was written by I Am Hologram (to be performed by We Are Hologram). Another favorite from the local music scene, Jerusafunk, will be providing the live musical accompaniment for the show.

Now, I know what you’re all wondering… Who is going to play Jareth, the Goblin King? Well, if it were up to me, you’d have to head out to the show to find out, but Sheri Amourr (executive director & producer for the show) revealed the details in our Q&A below.

goblin king 04YabYum: First of all, should we credit a writer for the adaption? Or was this a group endeavor?

Sheri Amourr: The adaptation of the script was quite the team effort. About 7 people were involved, which included our directing team, plus a few others we’ve previously worked with.

I believe this is your third adaptation of a film for a stage production, correct? Last year, you brought a musical version of Vertigo to life. And, before that, you did an adaptation of the film version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. What did you learn from previous productions that has benefited you this time around?

The greatest thing we learned from our previous theater stage productions, is that musicals are quite challenging and time consuming. We seemed to never have enough time to do what we felt needed to be done. We also learned that working with a new and mostly original script, and with new and completely original songs is MUCH more difficult than just adapting your own version of something that’s previously been done.

Swimming in the Head, while based on the movie Vertigo, was written by Serene Dominic. All of the songs, and much of the script, were his original creation. We learned very quickly that despite the simpler set design and scenes, it was far more challenging to pull off than Rocky. In the end, we were very pleased with both, but we knew of a few things that we’d expect, and in some cases do differently, in the future.

goblin king 02There were some local music All-Stars in the previous casts and we expect to see some returning performers in The Goblin King’s City. Any chance you’re willing to name drop some of the folks we’ll see in this new production?

We will be working with local music artist Joobs once again, as he will be playing the role of Jareth, The Goblin King. We are also working with Chris Del Favero of Jerusafunk as Jareth, and will be alternating our lead roles for the different show dates. Marcella Grassa from Rocky Horror, and Swimming in the Head is working on choreography with us, and Uche Ujania will be playing a surprise role.

I also noticed that some newcomers will be joining Pan Productions’ cast for this new undertaking. What new faces should the audience watch out for?

We have many newcomers, including Kendra Ruth Martinez as the role of Sarah. Alexandra Morfin will play Sir Didymus, and we have Will Jones as Ludo. Jesse Abrahams from First Friday Night Live will play Hoggle.

Some local musicians wrote original pieces for this stage production. Care to fill us in on who wrote songs for the play?

We will feature two original songs written and performed by We Are Hologram, the first full band ensemble by I Am Hologram. We will also feature an original song written by Serene Dominic.

goblin king 03Pan Productions seems to create events that are more than mere plays. There’s a celebratory atmosphere that pervades the productions. This year’s event looks like it will be no different. Food vendors? Live bands? What else can people expect when they head to The Goblin King’s City?

We are in the process of securing our food vendors, and there will be entertainment before and after the show, and during intermission. We will also have art vendors, as well as a meet and greet with cast members after the show. Jerusafunk will be the “pit band” to play the songs we will feature from Labyrinth, as well as the original song written by Serene Dominic, and numerous other musical interludes.

The Goblin King’s City opens on Friday, May 26 at The Pressroom, with additional showings scheduled for Saturday May 27 at The Outer Space, and Saturdays June 3 and 9 at Unexpected Gallery. For more information, check out the event page on the Pan Productions website.

goblin king 05

Date Night with the Arizona Theatre Company

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

The weather’s warming up and, for Arizonans, that often means hibernation season is almost upon us. But, we at YabYum say NAY to that. Instead, we’re going to start offering you some cool locales to check out until it’s safe to venture outdoors once again. To kick things off, we went to Downtown Phoenix for the Arizona Theatre Company’s production of Albatross at the Herberger Theater.

DeSoto Central Marketdate night 01

Of course, under the pretense of “Date Night” I insisted we start with dinner at DeSoto Central Market. This really should be the date spot, especially for those couples who a prone to bickering when deciding where to go for dinner (see Couples Fight). Contained within DeSoto’s inviting sprawl is a foodie haven where vendors provide an array of options, from burgers and contemporary Southern cuisine to Latin American-Asian fusion, an oyster bar, and more. I opted for the delightful fresh (and locally sourced) offerings of RADISH, and not just because they had a cold-pressed juice called Citrus Clouds (see Citrus Clouds, the band). But, I’m certainly not going to say that wasn’t part of my decision making process.

DeSoto Central Market is a great place to stay and relax for a long evening with good company. Cocktails, craft beer, and coffee can all be found on site so you can grab a table (or a couch) and really settle in. But, on this particular evening, we were off to the Herberger Theater to catch the ATC’s production of Albatross

date night 02Arizona Theatre Company

And, just in case you’re wondering, the albatross of the title is that albatross. The one you were probably forced to read about in high school. I, for one, love Coleridge and his great epic, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but I know I’m that annoying person in your lit class that read the suggested reading list over summer break, like, the entire list.

So when I learned that two clever playwrights had taken Coleridge’s poem and transformed it into a one-man, one-act play, I was excited. My companion for the evening, and fellow YabYum editor, was not quite as excited about the prospect. Turns out, he was in for quite a surprise. Benjamin Evett, as that ill-fated mariner, captivated the audience with his tale of anguish and adventure and then more anguish with some laughter thrown in for good measure.

Albatross continues through this weekend if you’re still hashing out your itinerary. You might want to leave the kiddos at home for this one, however. That sailor swears like a sailor. The Arizona Theatre Company has two more shows left of their 2016/17 Season and both look like real gems: Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash and a Holmes & Watson mystery. I suggest looking into them.

The Grand Central Coffee Companydate night 03

Of course, Albatross left our small party feeling contemplative so we went to The Grand Central Coffee Company which might be my new favorite place in Phoenix. The Grand, as the regulars call it, was designed to emulate “an old Victorian train station” in direct opposition to the “present day dystopia”. In addition to the coffee mentioned in their official title, The Grand boasts a full bar. How cool is that? Rumor has it, The Grand will soon be opening their kitchen and extending their already extensive hours of operation to the full 24/7. Yes, folks, Phoenix might finally get a real open-all-night coffee shop.


Don’t be a stick in the mud and hide from the sun all summer by yourself. Get out there and engage the world around you. And there are some pretty sweet air-conditioned spots that beckon you to explore the city. Be bold.

YabYum Seven: Lindsay Viker

lindsay viker 01
All photos courtesy of Lindsay Viker – Photo by James Almanza

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Lindsay Viker, and I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Couture in the Suburbs, an online publication that features emerging fashion, beauty and culture in different cities around the United States.

How did you get your start?

I started Couture in the Suburbs when I was at Arizona State University. At the time, there weren’t very many opportunities in fashion at the school, so I started my website determined to expose the local fashion scene.

lindsay viker 05
James Almanza

What inspires you?

I am so inspired by small business owners! They work countless hours to bring their vision to life, and to make lives better and easier for their community. I am especially inspired by those who embrace a mission of conscious capitalism and work to lessen their environmental impact on the world as they run their business.

What do you like about AZ?

I love the people here. Phoenix especially is full of so many people who have landed here from all over the country, all over the world even, and it’s cool to see everyone come together in one community.

lindsay viker 04Where can we see you(r) work?


What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I would like to inspire people to really take time to discover their local city. Whether you’re in a big place like LA or NYC, or a small city in South Dakota, go out and meet people, check out the local businesses, the local artists, and support them!

What is your mantra?

“Real glamour & beauty is not just mascara and Chanel No.5 perfume. It’s being a role model, being beautiful on the inside, and caring about others more than you do yourself.”


lindsay viker 02

Photo by James Almanza
James Almanza

The Tastemaker’s Ten: Pete Petrisko of RPM Orchestra

Pete Petrisko

Pete Petrisko is known for pushing the lines of art and experimentation within his own musical endeavors, like his band RPM Orchestra. For our “Tastemaker’s Ten” series, Petrisko selected some wonderful, and wonderfully strange, tracks that he thinks everyone should know. Pete is currently working on Displaced: An Immersive Theater Experience which will premiere on October 1st at Unexpected Gallery. Before that happens, check out Pete’s top ten below…

Legendary Stardust Cowboy

The Fall
“Totally Wired”

Psychic TV


Leroy Anderson
“The Typewriter”

Nina Hagen
“Born in Xixax”

“Balada de la Trompeta”

Jeri Rossi
“I Left My Heart But I Don’t Know Where”

Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

Sun City Girls
“Cloaven Theater”

And, as per usual, a track from Pete’s own project: RPM Orchestra

“Bury Mine”

Burton Barr Central Library Celebrates 50 Years of Maurice Sendak

Maurice Senak 02by Nicole Royse
Arts Editor

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Maurice Sendak’s children’s classic, Where the Wild Things Are, The Burton Barr Central Library is bringing the Valley a delightful collection of 50 artworks!

Maurice Sendak is an acclaimed author and illustrator who pioneered the children’s genre. Sendak was primarily a self-taught artist who had an incredible career spanning over 60 years, producing more than 100 books! 50 Years of Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things Are is a whimsical and amusing collection of art that is prominently displayed on the second floor of the library.

The Burton Barr Central Library is architecturally stunning and not to mention offers incredible city views providing great natural light, the perfect backdrop for this exhibition. An eclectic selection of artwork is showcased along three wall displays highlighting sketches, pencil drawings, watercolors, original illustrations, and even a bronze sculpture!

Through his artwork viewers are able to see this fantastic book and others through Sendak’s eyes offering a glimpse of his process and genius. A bit of history and insight to this author and his illustrations are presented through quotes from celebrities, the president, and others which cap off the exhibition. Exploring the animation cells as well as his earlier magazine work help to better illustrate the creative magic that Sendak possessed. Displayed along with the artwork are several publications by Sendak, inviting patrons to sit and read some of these beloved children’s classics.

This exhibition has been traveling across the country to libraries and museums since 2013 celebrating and sharing Sendak and his enchanting work. The Friends of the Phoenix Public Library, Mercy Care Plan, Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care, and AFA NYC generously sponsored this exhibition. More info can be found here. Special activities are planned throughout the remaining weeks of the exhibition and can be found online on the Phoenix Library Calendar here.


Maurice Sendak 04 Maurice Sendak 06

Maurice Sendak 01 Maurice Sendak 08 Maurice Sendak 05 Maurice Sendak 09 Maurice Sendak 03

The Return of MIX CHANGE: A Live Mixtape Exchange

mixtapeby Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

What makes a great mixtape? Is it all about the song selection? Or do you have to have a theme in mind before you begin assembling the playlist? These are the important life questions that you should set your mind to readily start addressing in the coming week. Mixtape Mandi is bringing back MIX CHANGE: A Live Mixtape Exchange, at Crescent Ballroom on June 26th. And I expect to see all of you there with a carefully curated mixtape in hand.

In addition to the great mixtape exchange, participants can enjoy live music from local acts including Harrison Fjord, Genre, Speak Easy, and Kathleen Murray.

I bet you’re wondering how this whole mixtape exchange happens so I’m going to break it down for you. First, assemble your mixtape and secure a ticket to the MIX CHANGE. Show up with your tape in hand (only $3 with mixtape) and enjoy some live music. Snag a stranger’s mixtape on your way out the door.

And, if you don’t have the time to invest in compiling a worthy mixtape to bring along, you can pay an extra couple of bucks and still walk away with a mixtape at the end of the night.

I had a chance to ask Mixtape Mandi Kimes a few questions about the upcoming event and what goes into making a stellar mix.

YabYum: Let’s start with the most important question: As an expert on the mixtape, what is the most important quality of a great mixtape? Cohesion? Song selection? Variation?

Mandi Kimes: There’s no wrong way to make a mix; it all just depends on personal preference. For me, I like when each song flows in and out of each transition seamlessly, or when the theme of the mix is subtly hidden in the lyrics. Sometimes I like asking a person, “What are your top 20 favorite artists? What’s your favorite song by each artist? Put it on a mix,” and it gives me a better understanding of what that person’s taste is, whether in music, or in life just judging by lyrical content.

This is being billed as “the return of the live mixtape exchange” – when was the first mixtape event? 

MK: The first one took place about two years ago and, to be honest, I had NO clue what I was doing! I had hosted mixtape exchange parties at my house, where people would bring in mixes and we’d listen to records and play games and such. Then someone brought up the idea of making it a show, so I put a lineup together of 3 acoustic acts and hosted the event for a lot of close friends. For my second one, I wanted to make it bigger and more worthwhile, so I’m booking 4 eclectic acts of different genres to give it a “mixtape” feel, as well as extending the show to 16+.

So… how does this mixtape thing work? Should mixtapes be brought in on CD or an actual cassette tape? Will participants directly exchange mixes or will they collected and randomly redistributed?

MK: Mixes can be brought in any form, whether its CD or tape. When people come to the venue to purchase their ticket, they’ll place their mix in a bin. Then, at the end of the night, as people are exiting the venue, they’ll reach into the bin and pick out a mix for the drive home. It’s always great to incorporate interesting album art or display cases to stand out. The goal is that you walk out with something that contains your next favorite song or a new favorite artist you’ve heard of but never got around to listening to.

And who we might expect to find on your own mixtape?

MK: I’m actually making a LOT of mixes because I want everyone to walk out with a mix. That includes the people who show up empty-handed, but still came to the show. Sneak peek mixes can be found on my Spotify account, but I’ll also be making some themed mixes. A few of my favorites include my last monthly playlist, titled “Vibes,” and one that contains a lot of sad, folk music with existential lyrics to make you think. There’s so many I plan on making and can’t wait to find out who ends up with what.


Make sure you head out to MIX CHANGE: A Live Mixtape Exchange, at the Crescent Ballroom on June 26th. More information on that event (and tickets) can be found here! You can also check out Mixtape Mandi on Twitter.