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UVC Ultraviolet Communication 01

For the Record: ‘Capacity for Illusion’ by Ultraviolet Communication

Although Ultraviolet Communication (UVC) are relatively new in the PHX music scene, they’re already making waves. Releasing a couple of singles in 2019, the band has now released their debut, full-length album, Capacity for Illusion. All while playing a whole host of shows around the Valley and gigging from Bisbee to Flagstaff of course…

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An Insider’s Introduction: Adam Townsend

by Mark Anderson

Persistence is the key.

Just ask about that with Tucson singer-songwriter Adam Townsend whose new album, All My Fires, is essentially a decade in the making. Produced by Grammy-nominated Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Langhorne Slim, Benjamin Booker), with both indie-rock and soul overtones, All My Fires caught my ear immediately and is one my favorite Tuscon albums of 2019.

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