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On this episode, “Unhinged.”, we welcome our first guest, arts and music writer Jason Keil. Together, we discuss movies that we found so disturbing and uncomfortable to watch that the thought of revisiting them makes us nervous wrecks! We’ll explore how ones we have revisited, even knowing what terrors await, still keep us tortured.Read More →

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The folks at Prizefighting Kangaroo look back on 2017: a great year for movies and a terrible year for everything else. Amy and Ashley talk about the best things they’ve seen, the worst things they’ve seen, and also bring up old classics they rediscovered throughout the year. They also spendRead More →

Prizefighting Kangaroo 500

In the premiere episode of the Prizefighting Kangaroo, Ashley and Amy talk about some of the actors and behind-the-scenes folks from the movie industry who shuffled off this mortal coil in 2017. From controversial celebs like Jerry Lewis to great character actors like Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe to TobeRead More →

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by Amy Young – On September 8, writer and performer Ashley Naftule’s play, Ear, opens at downtown Phoenix’s Space 55. Running through October 2, this show will be the last Space 55 event at their longtime location. The building has been sold, so the ensemble is currently seeking new digs. NaftuleRead More →

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by Amy Young Contributing Writer Do you love to play arcade games? Love punching the pinball flippers into action? If so, make ZapCon a must-go destination. Now in its fifth year, the annual gaming convention is back. Geek out for hours on April 29 and 30, when the Mesa ConventionRead More →

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Miss Amy Young from French Girls talks to Father Figure Bobby Lerma Amy Young Contributing Writer Father Figures’ drummer Bobby Lerma has a tendency to leave people in awe. His stick flurry often results in heads shaking and jaws dropping. Be it lightning speed or moving within a slower, melodicRead More →