RPM Orchestra 00

by Brent Miles Contributing Writer One need only look at some of the instruments featured on RPM Orchestra’s latest album to realize this is something different and intriguing from our desert. Hit On All Sixes is a refreshing detour from rote rock and roll. Conductor Pete Petrisko coaxes otherworldly soundsRead More →

Dirt Moon The Cover StoryDirt Moon strikes this stellar interplay between folk and hard rock, and I mean, really hard rock. At eight tracks, The Cover Story has a rustic, almost grunge, sound capable of that really intense emotive quality of scream-it-out rock, but tempered with the indie-folk threads woven throughRead More →

Mark Calexico – Spiritoso My staff pick for the year 2013 would have to be Calexico’s Spiritoso. Released 10 years after their seminal album Feast of Wire (my introduction to Calexico, given to me by my cousin Rex), Spirtoso draws from that release as well as their entire catalougue to createRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Films The Technically Almost Half-Way Illegal EP Guitar fuzz, incredibly glassy guitar hooks, and terrific vocals are what you can expect from FILMS on their new EP, The Technically Almost Half-Way Illegal. This trio of John Tracy, Tim Sammons, and Patrick England surprised me with each subsequentRead More →

Prom Body  Creep the Strange Michael Fay, the man behind Prom Body, recorded Creep the Strange on a 4-track in his bedroom, a lo-fi musical adventure in eleven tracks. The LP opens with “Cream Theater”, establishing a sound both feisty and dissonant with a fun-loving, carefree feel that carries throughRead More →

North Dakota Pat Waggy My crush on North Dakota has gone way past the hearts-on-my-notebook phase. They are everything feisty and fresh; two qualities sorely lacking in too much art these days. When Michelle Blades, one member of the North Dakota trinity that also includes Mo Neuharth and Emily Hobeheidar, migrated acrossRead More →

Stellacutta STELLACUTTA Stellacutta’s eponymous debut album caught me off guard. “What am I listening to exactly?” Something I still haven’t been able to pigeon hole after weeks of listening. Stellacutta’s album is tagged with “adventure” and that’s what exactly what you get: a musical adventure blurring genres, styles, and eras, seamlessly.  It tookRead More →

While compiling our latest installment of “3 New Albums” we noticed that the three to top the list of must-hear recordings were all released by bands whose names begin with the letter “H”. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Think harmonious and hellacious. Or, maybe, hard-hitting hymnals for the habitually hapless? Hallelujah! _ TheRead More →

Therapist Desire With members in both Arizona and California, Therapist are already making a name for themselves in both states for their punky, funky, nu-disco sound. With nods to Gossip and the Moving Units, Therapist’s new single “Desire” delivers a solid bass punch, spiked and everything. As any pop hook should, “1,Read More →

The Zoo Incident Lovely The Zoo Incident’s much anticipated sophomore follow-up to their 2011 self-titled release is set to drop this Thursday, Feb. 14. With a name like Lovely, the album is perfectly suited to a Valentine’s Day release as it tells the story of bandmates in love Alex andRead More →

The Senators Harsher Than Whisky/Sweeter Than Wine With less then a year under their belt as a band and the Senators are already earning some noteworthy attention. These folks could be the next Mumford & Sons. Just sayin’. Listen here to their new album Harsher Than Whisky/Sweeter Than Wine and hear for yourself.Read More →

There are so many great new releases out! We’d thought we’d cover the gamut and showcase 3 albums from around the state that completely sound different from one another yet are all awesome. Take a listen! Saint Maybe Things As They Are Tuscon has its very own supergroup, Saint Maybe.Read More →