by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Late one night in the summer of 2001, as I was basking in the luminescent glow of the boob tube, Conan O’Brien single-handedly shifted the paradigm of music on his talk show. A quintet of skinny runts that looked like they had been plucked offRead More →

audio virus 00

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Happy Spring, my fellow Phoenicians! Don’t you just love this time of year in the Valley of the Sun? I mean seriously, folks…it’s paradise. While many have been enduring a long winter with late snowfalls and balmy temps, we’ve been kickin’ up our feet withRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The Phoenix-based indie act known as The Hill in Mind has developed a reputation for meticulously arranged music of resounding beauty since they emerged on the scene back in 2013. Their 2015 release – Thimble, Needle, and Thread – was one of my favorite albums of lastRead More →

Melted Cassettes 00

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer “Oddly, at the time, I was on a kick of watching “Taxi Driver.” For some reason, I’d always, at the end of the night, I’d put that on and, you know…I think… I was losing it then. This was right in the time where IRead More →

broken horse title

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Tell me your vibe is Psyche/Death Rock with retro Jazz/Country and you have my attention. Alex Oropeza (guitars/vocals), “Yuma Joe” Byrnes (drums) and Bill Cuevas (bass) execute this sound, by the way, and they had my complete and utter absorption from the very first drop ofRead More →

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by Garyn Klasek Contributing Writer It’s often noticeable that many bands evolve in a musical direction, oftentimes losing that initial intensity as they mature and develop a wider range of fans. While The Haymarket Squares have certainly gotten more popular over the years, they definitely don’t let fame go to theirRead More →