5 Summer Singles

summer singles 00by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Asian Fred

Kick Back Your Head

Now, this is a release I’ve been waiting for. When Fred Huang of Of the Painted Choir informed fans he was tossing in the towel and heading back to Tucson, I was heartbroken. Thankfully, it didn’t take Fred long to undertake a new musical effort and Asian Fred was born. The songwriting is impressive, the playing impeccable, and the sound is refreshingly different from what fills our submissions box day in and day out. This two track single is the first official release from Asian Fred. “Kick Back Your Head” and “Ugly” both have that new modernized version of retro-rocknroll that has defined the band’s sound; a sound both uplifting and subtly complex.  Listen to “Kick Back Your Head” here and stick around for “Ugly”. Both songs were totally worth the wait.

The Swoons


I don’t know why I always associate electro-pop, but I do. There you have it. Maybe it’s the warm, late nights. Maybe it’s a deeply ingrained need for uplifting beats to combat the despair the Arizona summer usually brings. Whatever the case may be, The Swoons have a summertime track perfect for late night desert drives. The new track combines the work of London/Toronto-based duo, The Swoons, with L.A.-based producer, DeafKulture. Give the song a listen here.

Dirt Friends

“Dry Spell”

Let’s hear it for Tucson. Those cats are making some stellar summer tunes like this new single from Dirt Friends. “Dry Spell” is the first song released from the band’s latest album, Sunsets & Night Sweats. The album, which was released on Commercial Appeal Records, promises to be a record worth hearing if this track is any indication of what’s to come. Dreamy garage pop drifts toward the listener like a warm breeze rather than the bludgeoning melanoma-causing winds we associate with summertime here in Phoenix. Listen for yourself and don’t forget to snag your copy. Sunsets & Night Sweats is also available on cassette through Baby Tooth Records.*

Bad Suns

Disappear Here

In the wild and crazy days of youth, I would protest the hostile heat of Arizona by dancing all night in a sweaty club; inviting hallucinations while simultaneously daring my body to survive the Sonoran summer. “Disappear Here” is definitely a song I can see getting down to with some friends on one of those too-hot-to-live nights. The L.A. act released this new single in prelude to their forthcoming album due out this September. If you like that club-pop feel, check out “Disappear Here” and get your pre-order in (here).



This way-under-the-radar Tempe band should really consider some social media outreach because their first single has me hooked. “Tides” is a disaffected summer song that reminds me of listless heats and the never-ending daylight. And yet, the song is about love. “Tides” has a surf-infused indie vibe while the vocals solidify that lo-fi garage credibility. Check out “Tides” from POLOS here…

* A correction was made. Originally, we listed Dirt Friends’ latest single as being released through Baby Tooth Records at a later date. The album was released through Commercial Appeal Records and is also available on cassette through Baby Tooth Records at this time.

5 Mellow Singles

mellow singles 00by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Karima Walker


Ever have one of those days where every song sounds the same? That was my day and then I heard “Lullaby” from Tucson’s Karima Walker. The song had a way of soothing my weary soul (and ears). Mellow and meditative, “Lullaby” is just that, a lullaby. Not the kind you sing your child to sleep with, but maybe. Walker creates soundscapes as painters create landscapes. Her songs belong in a gallery. Drift away with “Lulllaby” then stick around to listen to more offerings from Karima Walker.

Michelle Blades

Te Recuerdo Amanda

You might be thinking, didn’t Michelle Blades move to Paris? Yes, she did, but she often visits and on one such trip she recorded this breathtaking number with Phoenix’s own Eamon Ford this past May. “Te Recuerdo Amanda” is a cover of a Victor Jara song and Michelle Blades brings her own experimental undertones to this rendition. This track is a must-hear single. Listen to it. Listen to it now. And, if you missed her last performance at The Trunk Space, you missed out. Let’s hope this globe trotter has plans on another pass through Phoenix sometime soon.


“Lavender Ghost”

If Saydi’s been around since 2010, how come I’m only discovering her now? How did this not get to us through the appropriate channels? Considering this is her first single, I will allow it to pass, but we should have been told. Tempe’s Saydi creates a dreamy dancepop that is totally enamoring on “Lavender Ghost”. If this single is any indication of what’s to come, I would keep an eye (or ear) on Saydi.

Scattered Melodies


For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Scattered Melodies (for shame), the “band” is actually the musical pairing of Josh Montag (percussion) and Jake Johnston (bass) and a variable cast of musical guests from the local music scene. For their latest single, “Legacy”, Scattered Melodies joined forces with Laura Hamlin (vocals) and Jack Howell (piano/guitar/strings). Josh Montag wrote this song for his mother and debuted it at his wedding for the mother-son dance. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you are cold, downright cold. The song is a divergence from the band’s usual hippie groove to something a little more sentimental. Give it a listen.


Tragedy Sells

The coffee-pop act known as gillwire is the brainchild of Jonathan Gil Thwaits. The Chandler band is preparing for the impending release of their debut album by sharing a few rough cuts including the single, “Tragedy Sells”. Combining Ben Folds-esque vocal stylings with an airy alt-pop. Don’t let the name of the track fool you, “Tragedy Sells” is an upbeat number with a bit of lyrical bite. Keep in mind, these tracks are unmastered, but they offer a little sampling of what’s to come. For the finished product, you’ll have to head to Sozo Coffee in Chandler on July 8th (or wait for the digital release).

5 Stellar Singles

5 Stellar Singles 500by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Digital Persuasion

Bad Moon

Don’t even get me started on chillwave. For some reason, this word is attached to every unbearably boring album assembled in some suburbanite’s bedroom. When I saw the descriptor “chillwave” on Digital Persuasion’s new two-track release, I grew nauseous… it had already been a long day. Still, fair is fair. I give everything that comes across my desk (ahem, desktop computer) a listen. And these two tracks are exactly why I keep that rule in place. Tucson’s Digital Persuasion crafted some seriously chill gems. “Bad Moon” strikes just the right pace between mellow and funky. And maybe, just maybe, I won’t be so dismissive of all things labeled “chillwave” in the future as a result.

Holy Fawn


The four-piece known as Holy Fawn released a 6-track EP last December, but they already have a new single available for friends and fans. “Reykur” epitomizes the Holy Fawn aesthetic which, to me, always sounds like it emerges from a post-apocalyptic, new-paradigm tribal people who live off nuts and berries and sleep surrounded by woodland creatures. Even the opening line of the song (“I’ll bring you back to life when the trees reclaim the land.”) reinforces this imagined future-history of Holy Fawn. Minimal yet meaningful lyrics are submerged in the brine of an elaborate ambient post-rock orchestration.

Young Jesus

Void as Lob

Mix folk-tinged, shoegaze-y, alt-rock with pensive lyrics, add in a few math references, and you just might have my perfect album. Too bad Void as Lob is only two tracks. Young Jesus lures listeners onto the placid waters of “Baked Goods” before turning up the aggression for a full-on post-rock extravaganza. The second track, “Hinges”, proves more ruminative. I’m quite taken with the way Young Jesus goes about combining the soft and the hard into one orchestration. The L.A. band is currently on tour and has a Phoenix stop slated at the Rebel Lounge on June 29th so don’t miss out. Until then, enjoy Void as Lob. I will be too.

Citrus Clouds


The Blog That Celebrates Itself out of Brazil recently put out a tribute album titled Soft as Fire in The House of Love in honor of, yes, The House of Love. Local shoegaze act Citrus Clouds was invited to partake and they offered up this delectable cover of “Christine”. If you’re looking for some mellow, post-rock good times, I highly recommend this track. If you like what you’re hearing, I suggest delving into the full compilation.


Take A While

There is some vocal prowess at the helm of FITS, an alt-indie outfit from Tempe. The band’s latest single, “Take A While”, offers listeners a mellow musicality paired with sultry vocal stylings. The band includes the term “post-modern” in their tags, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s postmodern about their music. I would say FITS has a sound firmly planted in the alt-indie arena. Whatever you want to call it, I like what I’m hearing which is a promising start for this relatively new local act. Listen to FITS for yourself here.


5 Eclectic New Singles

eclectic new singles 00by Lenore LaNova
Senior Editor

Stephen Steinbrink

“Absent Mind”

I love love love the music of Stephen Steinbrink so you can only imagine my excitement when I stumbled across “Absent Mind”, the first single from his 7th LP due out on June 1st. The song carries the same dark lyricism set against the vibrant backdrop of blithe melodies that I’ve come to expect from Steinbrink, both pensive and beautiful. I can’t wait to hear the other 11 tracks from Anagrams, the forth-coming LP. Give “Absent Mind” a listen (or eight) and get your pre-order in for the album.

Day Before Plastics

Hot, But

Day Before Plastics is always a band that surprises me. Maybe it has something to do with their name. I go into each listening experience expecting a refried jam band and end up hearing something that blows me out of the water. “Hot, But” is both poignant and graceful, certainly not what I’d expect from a song called “Hot, But”. Way to go, DB4P. Always keep your fans guessing. Get swept up into the indie folk rock sensation known as Day Before Plastics with “Hot, But” below.

U.S. Depressed

“Fault and Pepper Salami”

U.S. Depressed just recently emerged on the local scene but their trio consists of some familiar characters including members of JJCnV, French Girls, and Skink. Therefore, one might deduce that I’m all about this new act given my support of the aforementioned bands. And you would be correct. “Fault and Pepper Salami” is a superb introduction to this new act which falls more to the rock side of post-punk; a refreshing shift from the excessive drone that infiltrates this tag. Listen to “Fault and Pepper Salami” below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, delve further into the smattering of singles available through U.S. Depressed’s Bandcamp page.

Sleep Institute

Barricade Back

The Phoenix four-piece known as Sleep Institute has an alt-rock vibe with just a hint of drone that you can hear in their new track, “Barricade Back”. This marks the second single from the band who released their first single, “Keep Away the Light”, back in October of last year. These preliminary tracks from the band show great promise, but are still a little rough around the edges. That being said, I’m looking forward to hearing what’s to come from Sleep Institute once they’ve had a full year to hash out their sound. Check out “Barricade Back” for yourself and make sure to check out this act live. You can catch Sleep Institute performing at The Rogue on June 1st with Painted Bones, Lawnchair, Citrus Clouds, and Hannah Bones (more info here).

Yela Silo


If you’re looking for some fierce guitar work, look no further than Yela Silo’s post-hardcore math rock. “nsfw” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP, RIGS. The four-piece out of Salinas, California just formed earlier this year, but they’re already cultivating a solid sound. Check out “nsfw” below. The rest of the EP comes out later this month on March 28th so get your pre-order in soon!


5 Eclectic Singles

eclecticby Lenore LaNova
Senior Editor


“Bad Attitude”

Tucson’s Ohioan is preparing for their release of a limited edition tape through Baby Tooth, a cassette label. “Bad Attitude” is the first single from the forthcoming EMPTY // EVERY MT. I was just about halfway through my first listen (which, btw, is four minutes into this almost eight minute song) when I knew this was a tape I needed to own. “Bad Attitude” moves from meditative moments of desert drone to a rustic ruckus of psychedelic Americana and back again. I love it. I have to have it. The cassette from Ohioan is currently available for pre-order through Baby Tooth here. Place your order early before they sell out and you can join me in the wait for the official May 13th release.


“Radio DJ”

The strange and wondrous musical combo of Ariel Monet and Kalen Lander, also known as Snailmate, has a feisty new track available for fans on a 7″ split with Austin act, The Buglies. “Radio DJ” is funky, convivial, and a little bit dirty. Snailmate combines drumming with synths and a spunky lyricism for an electro-hiphop sensation. If you like things weird and ruckus, look no further. Check out “Radio DJ” and place your order for the split, due out next month.


“Hey Hey What Can I Do”

The latest release from the Phoenix power trio known as Please has an easygoing garage rock sound that I can easily see becoming a staple in the local bar circuit. “Hey Hey What Can I Do” brings to mind beat-up blue jeans and summer radio jams. The track will have you bobbing your head on the first listen and singing along by round two. The song deals with the topic of the infidelity so maybe that means it’s time for the band to focus on the music-making for a while. That’s a win-win. Fans get more tunes from Please and the band gets away from whatever problem lady (or lad) that inspired “Hey Hey What Can I Do”.  Give it a listen.

Soft Deadlines

Triplicate / Means Everything

Soft Deadlines released their LP, Critic, in November of 2014, but a couple of tracks got left on the cutting room floor that didn’t quite fit with the rest of the album. Now fans of Soft Deadlines can hear those songs because the band put them out as a single last month. The band describes their sound as “Dance-Punk” and I can definitely follow that thread through these two songs, but I find them more alternative than punk. There is definitely an aggression that drives the music and that’s punk so I’ll get behind the term. Check out “Triplicate” and “Means Everything”. If you dig what you’re hearing, I suggest delving into the band’s full-length, Critic, available through 56th Street Records here.

Christopher Shayne

Give A Damn

Christopher Shayne, former front-man of the now defunct Whiskey Six, released his first single as a solo act “Give A Damn” in February. Leaving some of the metal behind with his former project, Christopher Shayne delivers southern-inspired, dirty blues rocknroll with some country twang, perfect for the modern rock radio of KUPD. Although starting with a little banjo and the vocals, “I’m trying to remember if I give a damn”, the song quickly kicks in with heavy guitars and lickin’ riffs becoming the anthem for all who scream “I am just who I am.” Having already played some solid shows – including their debut at the Marquee and their recent Midway Stage performance at PIR for NASCAR, as well as opening in direct support for JACKYL at AZ Bike Week and playing the Jack Daniels Stage at Country Thunder – you should expect big things from Christopher Shayne, who truly does seem to give a damn.


5 Eclectic Singles

5 eclectic singles 00by Lenore LaNova
Senior Editor


Follow You Home

Tucson’s Wooden Tooth Records is offering up Katterwaul’s sweet single “Follow You Home” on limited edition 7″ vinyl with a second track, “Gimme Your Number” on the b-side. Now, Katterwaul just so happens to be one of my favorite bands and their 2015 album, 15 Forever, was my favorite album last year so my excitement knows no bounds. “Follow You Home” has all the feisty, blues-infused, garage rock that I’ve come to know and love. Katterwaul doesn’t hold back. They unleash sound like furies, but they also know when to ease up and mellow out. You can hear that all over “Follow You Home”. The b-side song, “Gimme You Number” turns down the aggression without losing the grit that defines Katterwaul’s desert rock. Get your orders in today for the 7″ because they won’t last long. This is going to be a collector’s piece for fans, no doubt.

Bogan Via

Throw It On The Fire

“Throw It On The Fire”, the latest single from the highly anticipated (around here anyway) new album from Bogan Via is everything you want from a Bogan Via song and even a little bit more. It’s robust with synth, switches leads from Bret to Maddie, and even has a complete change-up in the beat before settling back down again. When their latest album, Boganvialand, was put on hold due to all their equipment being stolen on tour (including their laptops – with all their song files) we weren’t sure what was going to happen. Fans quickly rushed to support the band via crowdfunding, and we’re now receiving news that the band is embarking on their first national tour and that Boganvialand is soon forthcoming! You can purchase a pre-sale version of the new album here (limited to 1000 copies) and listen to their new single below.

Sun Bones

The Years//Chalet

Tucson’s Sun Bones offered up two unexpected tracks for fans in March. Rather than the effervescent indie rock we heard on their 2015 self-titled replace, “The Years” and “Chalet” offer a somber side of Sun Bones hinted at on earlier releases, but not embraced fully until now. “The Years” could be drifting towards me through the smokey air of an Upper East Side piano bar in New York City (if they still allowed smoking in piano bars). The line, “I see the years in my fingers,” becomes more heartwrenching with each repetition. “Chalet”, the second track, has an almost supernal quality as it meanders with its delicate and resonanting harmonies and lulls with a pulse-like rhythm. The effect is hypnotising.

The Myrrors

Entranced Earth

The ambient desert rock of The Myrrors has been around since 2007, but it was only in recent years that I came across the Tucson band. I’ve been lamenting the years of fandom I missed out on right now. They just released two tracks from their forthcoming release, Entranced Earth, including the title track. “Entranced Earth” is an instrumental meandering that resembles a pyschedelic spirit quest more than a traditional song. In prelude to the album’s official release on May 27th, The Myrrors also included the song “No Clear Light” in their early offerings. I suggest assuming a meditative posture and sinking into the sound of The Myrrors. Don’t forget to place your pre-order – “Charred Copper” vinyl is available, but only a limited number will be made available.

Wo Mann

dreamy boi

The gentle, (dare I say?) dreamy track from Phoenix’s Wo Mann reminds me of springtime breezes and early loves; the kind where you just hold hands, or maybe, just maybe, exchange a few chaste kisses. The song, “dreamy boi”, is available in two forms: with drums and without. The latter version has better sound quality without losing that authentic bedroom pop feel. If you find yourself enamored with “dreamy boi”, just as I did, I suggest delving into Wo Mann’s back catalogue of offerings (available through Bandcamp).


5 Mellow Singles

5 mellows singles featured


Things I’ve Been Thinking

It’s been a little over a year since Phoenix’s Please dropped their debut EP, but the appearance of a new single hopefully bodes well for a new album on the horizon. “Things I’ve Been Thinking” is a musing number on the nature of love set to a psych-tinged alt-indie sound. I’m definitely about this new single (all 7+ minutes) of it. I liked it so much I immediately went back to their previous release to see if I’d been missing out on the Please bandwagon all this time. Yes. Yes, I have.



Luau is a Phoenix-based, emo-gaze band that started playing shows in the Valley in 2014. “Leucadia” is a new single from the band who only recently started releasing demo tracks online. The song moves gently from beginning to end with a mellow crescendo that will have you swaying rather than head-banging. That’s my kind of emo. Check out “Leucadia” from Luau and follow the band on Facebook here for 2016 show dates.

Beatnik Fem

In My Feelings

I’m super digging this new track from local writer, photographer, and music-maker Beatnik Fem. Soothing beats and delicate vocal layers surround the listener in a gentle wash of introspective sound. “In My Feelings” offers listeners a melodious HipHop hybrid. Give the track a listen then head over to her website here to check out some of her other artistic endeavors. This is an artist to keep an eye (or ear) on. I will pay good money for an album from Beatnik Fem.



An entomologist, for those that are wondering, is the study of insects. The song really seems to have very little (to nothing at all) to do with insects, but it’s still my favorite track to emerge from the Scottsdale band yet. Luxxe creates mellifluous and upbeat indie rock that’s radio ready and “Entolmologist” is a shining example of this sound. Give it a spin.


For Jenn

SURF has been bringing the Valley minimalist surf music for sometime now under the direction of Aaron Tijerina. The band’s latest track, “For Jenn”, delivers more of the calming beach-vibes we’ve come to appreciate from the SURF camp. “For Jenn” is more definitely more sandy sunset than Frankie and Annette. My only complaint is that the track seems a little placid, more background music than a single to be played over and over, but I might not be fully embracing the “minimalist” aspect of SURF. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.




5 Rambunctious New Singles

Bear Ghost

Necromancin’ Dancin‘”

Looks like Bear Ghost is starting off the year swinging. The recently released the second single from their forthcoming album, Blasterpiece. The new single, “Necromancin’ Dancin'”, is more than four minutes of feisty fun prog rock. The new track is available for preview below along with “Funkle Phil”, the first single from the album. I suggest checking out both tracks and consider placing that pre-order (which also includes a ticket to the release show later this month). The new album, Blasterpiece, comes out on Feb. 20th at Last Exit Live. Bear Ghost will be celebrating with musical guests Fairy Bones, Twin Ponies, and Deadfoxx so make sure you mark your calendars for that event! More info on the release show can be found here.


Nanami Ozone


Nanami Ozone is a new band making their way around the Valley but you might recognize the players from other acts like Numb Bats and Petty Things. If that’s not enough to get you “enthuzed” to hear their new single, I don’t think we should be friends anymore. Nanami Ozone has that gritty garage pop sound that has all the kids raving these days. You can check out the new single, “Desire”, below. If you feel like delving further into the early offerings of Nanami Ozone, I suggest heading here to listen to some demos that the band put out last October.


Trash Pit

Trash Pit

The two-track single from Flagstaff trio – Trash Pit – is dissonant, edgy, and totally listenable, maybe even dance-able. That’s saying something when it comes to post-wave music. The s/t debut kicks off with “Bitch Betty”, a track both minimal and, at the same time, grungey. The second (and closing) track, “Tiger Blue Jeans”, has some dark drone laying over their stark punk. If you’re in the Flagstaff area, you can catch Trash Pit live tonight at Mia’s. For the rest of us stuck in the Phoenix Metro Valley and beyond, we’ll keep you posted on later show dates from Trash Pit. If their debut single is any indication, this band is going to put on one hell of a show.


The Lamebrains

Two Songs

The two-track release from The Lamebrains includes more of the retro-styled, organ-heavy, garage pop we’ve come to expect from the Phoenix band. “Time for More Problems” opens the release, arranging “mental malaise” in conjunction with refurbished musicality that will have you bobbing your head. “I am Everything” follows and the lyrics quickly establish it as my preferred track on Two Songs. With both tracks combined clocking in at under three minutes, there’s no reason to miss out on Two Songs by The Lamebrains.


Scott Calvin

Mountain Standard Time

If I’m being totally honest, I almost glazed right over this new single from Scott Calvin when I sat down to start listening to the music 2016 had in the works. But, alas, I try to listen to give everything on my list at least a cursory spin before I dismiss it and now I understand why we put that policy in place. Scott Calvin, which is the name of a band and not the name of individual in the band, is a new act from the Tucson area. “Mountain Standard Time”, their first single, is an emo-tinged, distortion-heavy number that caught me totally off-guard. Maybe that’s because I was picturing a pony-tailed, making-music-on-the-weekend, probably-a-middle-school-guidance-counselor-who-brings-his-guitar-to-work Scott Calvin. A man, I might add, who does not actually exist. The band, Scott Calvin, took the name from  the dad inThe Santa Clause, for those of us that remember Tim Allen’s post-Home Improvement work. . Never judge a book by its cover… or a band by their name.


5 Eclectic Singles

singles3Phantom Party

Derby Daze

Phoenix trio known as Phantom Party is relatively new on the local circuit but they started making waves with their debut EP, Phantom Party, which was released back in May. The band already has a new single, “Derby Daze”,  complete with the carefree indie sound I associate with summer days (the not too hot ones) and, now, Phantom Party.  Listen to “Derby Daze” here. Hopefully this means we’ll be hearing more from Phantom Party in the coming year.


The Leavin‘”

Ruca’s smokey voice and breezy musicality comes through in high shine on her latest single, “The Leavin'”. Rumor has it the local songstress has an album in the works due out early next year. If the new single is any indication of what’s in store for fans, expect good things, lots more of that reggae-infused folk-rock. Check out “The Leavin'” here. Also, Ruca will be down at Radio Phoenix to talk to us about her new album on Jan. 20th from 7-8PM so mark your calendars!

singles4Brutha White

My Ole Lady

The bluesy-western musical styling of Brutha White has me hooked with this new single. “My Ole Lady” is a time-old tale of romantic betrayal told in dusty desert rhythms infused with an electric blues guitar. This is just the first single from his forthcoming album due out next month (currently available for pre-sale). I, for one, am looking forward to that release. Check out “My Ole Lady” here.


singles2Why Ask Why?

Hole to Hell

Newcomers on the local scene known as Why Ask Why? (a.k.a. Yasky) are gearing up to release their debut, The Blue Lady, early next year. Before 2015 ends, however, they have offered up an early sampling of what’s to come. “Hole to Hell” has a psychedelic punk sound with some hard-hitting vocals to create something new. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming release, recorded by Jalipaz over at Audioconfusion, and not just because I’ve had a sneak peek. Listen to “Hole to Hell” here.

singles5Ben Anderson


Phoenix singer-songwriter, Ben Anderson, creates jazz-tinged indie pop.  Anderson (or Banderson) shares some sweet sentiments on “Perfect”, the first single from Where Did the Lights Go?, his forthcoming release. The track was written by Anderson along with Olivier Zahm. The EP release show happens on January 13th at Crescent Ballroom. Before that happens, check out “Perfect” from Ben Anderson here.

5 Eclectic Singles

single 7The Christian Family


The garage punk duo known as The Christian Family might be newcomers on the Valley scene but their players certainly aren’t. Daniel Shircliff (formerly of Freaks of Nature) and Ann Seletos (Cherie Cherie), also known as The Christian Family, create something simultaneously stripped down and revved up. “Mad-A-Lyn”, one of the newly released single from the musical partnership encourages the listener to sing (or shout) along. Expect repeated listens. Give “Mad-A-Lyn” a listen here. And while you’re visiting The Christian Family’s Bandcamp page, I suggest checking out other recently released singles available there including “Baby Wants More” and “Just a Child”.


Single 8Hollowbodies

You Came to Life

The aptly named debut single from Valley supergroup Hollowbodies not only marks the emergent life form of a new musical collective, but the song itself possesses its own vivifying qualities. These psychedelic space rockers are ready to make waves with their debut release. Before that happens, I suggest you spend some time with “You Came to Life” from Hollowbodies here. Keep your eyes (and ears) open for live performances from the band. They create an invigorating sound-soup that will leave you with solar system dreams.


Single 6Merit

All These Haunting Things Part 1

The first single from Merit’s forthcoming release is now available for your listening pleasure. “All These Haunting Things Part 1” offers up more of the anguished emo-rock we’ve come to know over the years. This has been an especially prolific time for the band who released an EP earlier this year in both March and July. The third EP in this 2015 trifecta is due out on December 17th. “All These Haunting Things Part 1” is the first hint that The End of Everything EP will be a strong finish for this trilogy. You can listen to the single here. Merit is playing Last Exit Live on Dec. 29th so, if you like what you hear, make plans to catch them live.


Single 9Justin Moody


Singer-songwriter Justin Moody is known for his soft and somber music that drives straight toward your heartstrings. His most recent single, available through Moone Records, offers up another tale of anguished love with “Kisses”. The track features Micah Dailey on guitar for the perfect stripped-down pairing to Moody’s melancholy. Listen to “Kisses” here. You can also see Justin Moody performing live in our Songs from the Reading Room series here.


Single 10Troubled Minds

Vanishing Act

The emo trio known as Troubled Minds released the first single from their seven-track EP due out later this year. “Vanishing Act” has all the angsty feelings and driving guitar lines that you’d expect from the genre with some added dynamics to keep things interesting. I’m definitely ready to see what the rest of the EP has to offer. You can check out “Vanishing Act” from Something Worth Saving here. We’ll keep you posted on that release!