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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor You know when life just beats the hell outta you and the only thing keeping you going is the sweet music you fill the the empty void between your ears with? That’s what Robots With Rayguns new album Fresh As It Gets has done forRead More →


by Mark Anderson Senior Editor I had been waiting for this day for two and half years, and then suddenly, it was here: MAN-CAT was set to release a new album. Their first full-length album. I couldn’t be more excited. I got to the Trunk Space rather early. Not tooRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor “Vengeance”, the first track off the new Liam and the Ladies album Tour EP, strikes at the heart of the Ladies’ enduring and growing presence as one of the premier ska acts in the Valley. They’re inflicting righteous retribution on those who would dare say “skaRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? Daniel Shepherd: I am a father, an artist, a husband, a DJ, an advisor, a dreamer, a friend, a hopeless optimist , a trouble maker, a cat lover, a son, a grumbler, a mammal, a record collector, a non- musician, aRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I’m totally self-taught,” Chris Pierce explains. “Everything that I know about the instrument, everything that I know theoretically, I’ve either learned from a friend, from a jam, from a song.. or from some book that I got and I worked through myself… I [even] taughtRead More →

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By Matt Marn Staff Writer For Phoenix guitarist and songwriter Ryne Norman, every new opportunity is a chance for something great. Every new fan, each potential collaboration with another local artist means so much to him, he gives everything he has to each new venture – and to every wordRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Pete Petrisko. I make things and sometimes make things happen.   2. How did you get your start? I first got my start in the late 80s, organizing an art exhibit in downtown Phoenix for painter, and convictedRead More →

Buy Your Friends Music

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Many of you who are reading this right now are musicians. Musicians, who spend hundreds, thousands of hours creating music. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on gear. And hundreds, more like thousands of dollars recording it. Not to mention all the time and effortRead More →

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Young guitarist Gus Campbell rocks crowds across Phoenix, shoots live music video by Matt Marn Staff Writer The crowd is packed into Last Exit Live – more so than it has probably been in a long time. Phones and cameras are out – no one wants to forget what’s aboutRead More →

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Jordan Prather is tired of waiting around. Faced with the prospect of marketing his new electro-pop project, Head Over Heart, in a city without much of an electronic music scene (outside of live DJs) – and the uncertainty, or even futility, of seeking label support – he simply started hisRead More →

Actors Theatre

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Have you been hearing more about the Actors Theatre lately? I know I have and I can see why too. A consistent buzz has been building around the troupe for the past 30 years! Well, almost 30. Starting in 1985, the Actors Theatre of Phoenix certainlyRead More →


It all started with a post to Instagram: “Everyday I’m gonna post me wearing a different local bands shirt till I’m out. Warning, I have a bunch.” And with that Jalipaz of the mighty Audioconfusion Creative Recording Space embarked on journey that has lasted well over 3 weeks and doesn’t showRead More →