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Apache Lake Music Festival
For those who mourn the passing of Jeromeatherapy, we have hope. The Apache Lake Music Festival offers all the rocknroll your heart desires jam packed into a weekend retreat in the Tonto National Forest. Sounds like something PC would do...
Let's here it for lady rockers! The event featured some of the Valley's fiercest songstresses like the ever fab Meridith Moore of the Sugar Thieves and female-fronted acts like Hot Birds and the Chili Sauce.
Paul "PC" Cordone is the host with the most for local music events. He also spends half the event onstage performing with various bands.
DRYC, Strange Young Things, What Laura Says, Tramps and Thieves, Mostly Bears, and many other YabYum bands filled the hours next to Apache Lake along with bands we're looking to meet like Dirty Rascals, Japhy's Descent, About Freedom and more!!
Tempe rockers Tramps and Thieves (above) and Tucson's Mostly Bears (below) demonstrate that AZ is one happy music family.
Japhy's Descent rocks out (above) while Mark Zubia of Los Guys and Andrew Brown of Dirty Rascals mellow (right). 
Carey Slade and Jason Messner was just one example of local performers joining forces to make new and interesting performances. Also interesting:  Black Laura mixes members of What Laura and Black Carl.
Members of Steppchild gearing up for the rock out and then front-Adam getting down.
YabYum superstar photographer Joel Ekdahl... read more about him or check out his more of his work here
Joe Pena (above) of  Greyhound Soul.
Newcomers like Poem share the bill with long-standing favorites like Los Guys and Greyhound Soul.
Pictures by Joel Ekdahl