A big shout out to all the Songwriters who participated in our Best Song To Dance To Contest! With each contest we get better and better songs making our jobs all the harder picking a winner! Stay tuned for upcoming issues to find out when (and what) the next song contest will be!
How do you not dance to this song? It fucking rocks, hence the title I assume. “I Just Wanna Rock” calls for the fanciest moves you got. Jonathan Sakas pretty much recorded this all by his lonesome. Everyone should take lessons on what that set-up is capable of by listening to this song… and dancing.
2nd Place: Fatigo with Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, "Tiger Pit"
It’s a little slinkier than our other dance numbers but it comes complete with its very own dance routine, tiger ears not included. When bands team up they often stumble through one or another’s musical stylings but this combo came together smoothly to produce a song befitting that description, smooth. The music video for “Tiger Pit” seals its fate as one of the more notable productions we’ve seen here.
3rd Place:  Super Stereo, "Dance"
Spring Break is decidedly about changing locales. Mary Vendegna offers listeners a sweet tune about this very thing. It also appears as if the young Ms. Vendegna has plans to relocate herself to Nashville this fall. We look forward to hearing this fledgling songwriter develop over the coming years.
1st Place:  Jonathan Sakas, "I Just Wanna Rock"
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AZ Songwriter's Contest:  Best Song To Dance To!
Carly Schorman Editor's Pick :  Dagg Nabbit Stubbs, "Mudcat'"
Not quite a “dance” song, more like a fist-pumping, jump-around, good time. In fact, the song is so fucking good some staffers (without naming names) were trying to create new karate-inspired dance moves to prove “Mudcat” fit the category.
Mark Anderson Editor's Pick:  MilkMAN & Pattiak, "Burn it Up"
Hiphop puts bodies in motion and MilkMAN & Pattiak can do just that. “Burn it Up” is capable of getting a crowd moving be it club or party
Nelson Ortiz (Honorary) Editor's Pick:  Domo, "Earthquake"
Nelibop knows what the kids are listening to and this is the tune to put them in the dancing spirit… or is crack might start an earthquake…” gets the party started and wiley guitar work and fierce vocals spell a recipe for disaster for quiet wallflowers with its ass-shaking demands.