The first and recently released Sun Ghost album is an experience of modern pop rock: a vintage pop style mixed with a very modern presence.  Powerful vocals and vibrant musicality, La Di Da captures Sun Ghost’s fierce live presence. With the addition of a new organ to the group’s collection of instruments, we’re excited to hear this early track from their next sure-to-be-fabulous record.
2nd Place: Peachcake, "You Matter"
Peachcake pushes their music to the forefront of electronic dance pop. No wonder this track has also been selected to appear on the national television show, Hawthorne. With their residency at Scottdale’s Rogue this August, readers will have a chance to catch this must-dance number every Saturday night!
3rd Place:  Boys and Frogs, "Matador"
We’ve been following Boys and Frogs for some time now. The group can certainly put out a spirited pop song with strong indie-rock, weird-folk undertones. Matador is no exception. From the very first verse, the listener is drawn into Beach Boys-style harmonies accompanied by buoyant bursts of eclectic noises.
1st Place:  Sun Ghost, "La Di Da"
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We can feel the temperature rising but we're not going to let that get us down! Instead, we asked everyone to send us their Best "Pop" Song to help keep us upbeat during the long, hot season. First place winners receive a day at Phoenix's fabulous Pyramix Studios to record their winning song (or next winning song)! Songs must be original (by an individual or group) and we make no ownership claims (obviously... we just want to hear what everyone is up to)!
Honorable Mention:  Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, "Nancy Superstar"
You get the melody in your head before you know the words. If you listen to this song outside the context of their album Children of Forture, “Nancy Superstar” could be Liz Phair-infused folk. A little pop, a little country, and a little bit mellow rocknroll.