The Whisperlights
June 1, 2011
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June 2010 Article

2009 Award:  Best New Band

The wonderful, energetic, and very talented Whisperlights are to release a new album at the end of June, Surfaces. I feel this title is very appropriate for this group of songs because they barely show the surface of potential the Whisperlights has to offer.
Each track seems to lack the high positive drive that makes you want to smile and move your body, leaving the listener slightly bored at times. 

Despite the lack of energy, this album still has contour and takes you up to the climax of the eighth track and slowly let’s you back down into some groovy chanting on your way out. 

The title of Surfaces also relates to how the songs connect. Each one is roped to the other but each one stands its own ground. Each song is a surface of a new thought and miniature piece of artwork. 

Perhaps it is because the Whisperlights’  live performances are so exceptional I found myself somewhat disappointed with their recent recordings. Live, the band’s energy, charisma, and distinct sound comes through with resounding power… something not fully realized on Surfaces

Be there for the album release on June 28th at the Duce to catch the Whisperlights in all their splendor and decide for yourself!
by Erica Shafer