Finding Grampa's Monsters
photos by Andrew Langdal
With their first EP hitting the streets (and local venue countertops), your ears are in for a treat. Their unique sound of Americana-meets-Sufjan Steven’s-illegitimate cousin-in-a-streetfight-with-Tarkio seems to rise up out of your speakers. Brash and intuitive, most tracks seem to slip into new movements all by themselves. “The Lazy Ways of Summer Days” stands out to me with its accordion-provided ambiance, rolling guitar licks and harmonious vocals. Maybe the best feature of all of their songs is that you are being taken along on a story in Decemberists-esque fashion.

Maybe if you just listen to their songs on your iPod, you would take for granted that all of the voices that you hear are also beating the steps or stomping the floors to provide their driving/corner-turning beats. “Rusty String Saloon” bursts through the bar doors unprovoked, knocks up the twang factor and pushes that old school country sound into your cranium. The banjo-driven, somber tune “Song for Jordan” is perhaps their most Sufjan-esque ballad, mixing moments of quiet twang with rowdy chorus-jumps of joy.

Overall, these stories/questions/ballads/portraits/songs of FGM’s are worth the space on your computer. I, for one, am quite glad that a legitimately unique band like Finding Grampa’s Monsters is parading into the view of our music scene.

It truly is a rare gem to find a band that contains a talented multi-instrumentalist. Let alone to find one like Finding Grampa’s Monsters that consists entirely of them.
by Kenny Bump