Soft Drink
The responses were so amazingly disparate; they seemed to reflect the writer more than the band. They ranged from the buoyant hard-pop of The Presidents of the United States of America to the dark distortion of the Black Angels.  Then it dawned on us, this aptly-named group sounds just like a soft drink.

From the fizzy bubbles of pop we loved as children to the dark and toxic liquid we came to understand watching pennies melt in bottles of Coca Cola, Soft Drink embodies light and dark. Song and noise. Substance and void. We’ve seriously never heard a band like them before.

Their crafty melodies and sing-a-long choruses will have you humming their songs for days after hearing them, refreshingly innocent like a Presidents song.  At the same time, the music is so acidic and corrosive that it can melt a penny. When one listens to them, they inspire the same feelings that you get hearing the Black Angels. Dark and desolate de(con)struction.

To align such seemingly discordant principles is an act of consilience. Prior to the specialization of knowledge, when scholars studied not just one thing but all things, knowledge required unification of divergent thoughts to be accepted as truth, an overarching understanding. The members of Soft Drink are somehow aware of this and it shows in their music, occupying two poles in one moment (or song).

Soft Drink sounds like three men putting in the best of their individual abilities to form something that could not be created on their own. Maybe that is the principle dichotomy mastered by the band, maintaining individuality while submitting to the group as one.

Jon Douglas, the guitarist and lead vocalist, definitely brings forth a commanding position in both roles, although he doesn’t really act like a frontman. Jason Woodbury destroys on the bass, bending the strings and neck to conform to his will. He’ll even throw down vocals during the process. Cavan Noone meanwhile is leveling you in a rhythmic pile driver, until they go to the next song and you hear him tapping a soothing, relaxing pattern on the ride cymbal.

Soft Drink also achieves a prodigious level lyrically. Songs like “Lackadaisy” draw you in with their unabashed pop appeal and leave you pondering the words that inevitably get stuck in your head for days afterward.

Undoubtedly one of the best bands in the Valley, Soft Drink is a band not to be missed. Make sure to check them out when they perform with Letdownright and the Radar Brothers at the Yucca Tap Room on July 7th!  

Soft Drink has taken writers down. It’s true. The article changed hands several times in the past couple months and the last staffer assigned to cover the band was never heard from again.

Soft Drink, Soft Drink, Soft Drink… where do we begin? What was it about this band that was so difficult to pinpoint? Only one thing was known for certain…Soft Drink fucking rocks. 

At a recent meeting, we decided to delve into the Soft Drink phenomenon. Unanimously, we thought the band was fantastic and deserved coverage.  Individually, we were unwilling to take it on.  Finally, the question was posed… who does the band remind you of?
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photo by Joel Ekdahl
by Mark Anderson &
Carly Schorman