Snow Songs
by Carly Schorman
for when it's sunny out
Fall 2009
Combine Yoli’s talents with those of bassist Lindsay Cates, dummer John DeLaCruz, and Nick Hadik on keys and Snow Songs is a band to be heard. And these cats are all too music-clever to engender any sort of support from me for anything less than an album or worth. for when it’s sunny out is decidedly worthy of the investment… be it time, money, or devotion.

The members of Snow Songs are each extraordinary musicians independent of one another. Occasionally we see talented, knowledgeable performers overly eager to showboat their acumen. In Snow Songs, we find a sense of style that understands the grace of subtlety and, in turn, a highly-stylized simplicity that captivates. 

for when it’s sunny out is rich in sweet melodies that give way to emotional influxes, meanderings and calculated stumbling. Floating above it all are the occasionally soft, often childlike, and always moving vocals of Yoli Bejarano. Her voice is vivid and constructs landscapes that fill your rib cage with endless, intricate space.

Snow Songs doesn't sound like a desert band and might be aptly titled for that reason alone. One might readily associate the group with European cities (in winter, of course) rather than the dry and distant West. The fluid incorporation of songs in both English and Spanish adds to the metropolitan feel one finds in their recordings. 

Although I only speak one of the languages heard on the album, I know all the words when I listen. You will too.

I have a total girl-crush on Yolanda Bejarano. I see no harm in disclosing this to the general public given that I don’t even know her. We’re not even Facebook “friends,” but having spent some time with Snow Songs’ album for when it’s sunny out, I don’t see how she can fall short of being one of the raddest chicks making music.
photos by Joel Ekdahl