Page the Village Idiot

April 1, 2012


by Carly Schorman
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October 2010
PTVI III had me from the first line of the album.  As soon as “Hey, motherfucker, what’s going on?” passed through my speakers I was hooked.

One of the hardest working musicians in the Valley, Page has earned his chops playing more shows around town in a week than most bands see in a season. Many folks are probably already familiar with some of the tracks on PTVI III like crowd-favorites “Fanny Pack Fever” and “Boobless”.

Page plunges to the depths of kitsch and bad taste in his third studio album going a bit farther than ever before... which is actually saying something. “Jan Brewer” causes a vaginal shudder of disgust every time I hear it with lines like “Hell yeah, I’d do her”, “SB10-69 me” and “medicated Gold Bond is my favorite flavor” but I can’t help laughing. Page is fearless in the face of those hard-to-talk-about issues like queefing. 

“You Don’t Like My Hip Hop” secures Page as the eternal champion of laying smack down on your mama, barreling into shocking territory touched upon by the likes of few others, except, perhaps Afroman. Following this song, comes “The One Legger” complete with amputee-inspired sexuality that even references Paul McCartney’s previous missus. Page the Village Idiot, the man who brought us “Anal Beads and Things”, acknowledges no bounds. So if you’re the type to get your panties in a wad, it’s best to leave them off. 

Page the Village Idiot is much more than a joke, and if you've missed that, maybe music isn’t your thing… or maybe you’re part of the joke.

If you missed the release on March 31, don’t cry. You can catch Page the Village Idiot every Wednesday for Hump Day Happy Hour at Long Wong’s in Tempe. Get your hands on PTVI III today. At 21 tracks, the album proves worth the wait!
The long-awaited third album from Valley favorite Page the Village Idiot is officially out! It’s been five years since the release of his live album and fans have been biding their time until they could get their hands on all the Page classics that have come into creation ever since. That day has finally come.