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Oh, Nostalgia!

2009 Award

December 2009

Michelle Blades
by Carly Schorman
Admittedly, I was at the wrong show.
It had been my intention to attend an event scheduled for the previous night, but upon entering the Trunk space on September 25th I was immediately entranced by a voice I had become quite familiar with in recent months, due to some obsessive listening of two of her albums: Oh Nostalgia and 12 Songs. Yes, Michelle Blades was performing. I was relieved to discover that the continent of Europe had not swallowed her up during her recent, extended visits overseas.

Her empyrean voice is at once childlike and full of the maturation found in embodied femininity.  Accompanying that distinctive voice and ukulele that defines her work were three other muses fresh from the river they clamored out of, instruments in hand, to perform.

Michelle covered a range of songs that have become friends to my spirit including “Michigan,” a personal favorite that was Blades’ first song composed after moving to AZ.  She also embarked on some yet-to-be-released tracks like the instrumental “Lost in the Sea” and “Heart of Clover” which reaffirmed my opinion that Blades as a songwriter is quite the charmer.  To describe Michelle’s music in words is a guaranteed failure in communication, so I’ll leave off with this final statement about her new songs:  Blades is going back into the studio to record once again.

I, for one, will be hounding River Jones, who heads the self-named record company to which Blades is signed until I can get my hands on a copy of her next album.

photo courtesy of River Jones Music
October 1, 2010