Cooper’s guitar skills allow original Dagg Nabbit Stubbs bandmate Hotskins Mahoney to move into the spotlight. Taking to the mic, Hotskins may not have the unique vocal prowess of Sweetwater but he definitely holds his own. More importantly, Mahoney seems to have more energy and more fun in his Dagg Nabbit role than his predecessor which makes for an even better performance.

Tigris "The Tiger" Euphrates Jackson keeps the whole bunch on task as drummer while Hotskins delivers Dagg Nabbit themes of cruising and crystal meth, tractor pulls and demons. He makes the audience believe him when he says “I’m going to butter your grits in the most romantic way.”
As a Dagg Nabbit Stubbs fan, I’ll admit to some initial panic when I heard that vocalist Nariko Ott was moving to Portland. What would happen to the band without Riko to fill the role of Sweetwater Jones and his voice of swampwater gold? Sure, I understand. Singers come and go. People move to Portland. Nevertheless, I was both hurt and concerned for the fate of one of my favorite Valley bands.

The first Friday the 13th of this year gave me a chance to check out the Dagg Nabbit Stubbs in their latest incarnation. Not one but two members have been replaced. Jamie Woolford joined the band on bass for the evening as Shedbadiah Von Wolfsass McVon. Cooper, or Pattymelt Monte Cristo III as he’s known onstage. Pattymelt fits the band musically and stylistically with his bare feet and sleeveless flannel shirt.
The (New)
Dagg Nabbit Stubbs

February 1, 2012

by Carly Schorman
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