Mission Statement
YabYum Music and Arts was created to expose and unite all facets of the Arizona music scene. Both an online publication and resource center, we hope to encourage an artistic and cultural awakening across the state. We are committed to bringing forth a new renaissance in cooperation with any and all individuals, artists, visionaries, and musicians who share our endeavor to bring the local arts movement to the forefront of our lives.
What we are…
We are a blog/resource site committed to bring ground-up coverage of Arizona arts, music, and culture. We at YabYum Music and Arts want to foster a cooperative arts community within the state by helping to establish a network of coverage for Arizona-based events and artists.
What our name means…
Yab Yum is a term from Vajrayana Buddhism meaning “father-mother” and is used by Jack Kerouac in The Dharma Bums. We chose Yab Yum as our name because it represented a balance of principles to foster creation and the spontaneous attainment of enlightenment.
Our Disclaimer…
Most of us grew up around here and, well, we’ve always been interested/involved with music. Some of us are even musicians and artists. So it’s not terribly uncommon for us to cross paths with folks we know when writing articles for YabYum. For us to disclose all associative connections between staffers and those covered would be ridiculous. It would go on and on at the bottom of the page, from relatives to friends and all others we’ve crossed paths with over the years. Here’s what we can promise… our editors will act ethically and responsibly in the assigning of articles and every person on staff will behave in a philosophically objective fashion (true objectivity being an impossibility, however a necessary and ever-present goal). 
Where we stand…
We strictly adhere to an ethical business model based on Buberian philosophy and a commitment to being a force for positive change in our community. We will not run fodder to propagate nonsense to drive our readership. We seek to foster cooperation within the arts rather than competition. 
How to get involved…
To learn more about sponsorship and advertising space, email us here: ads@yabyummusic.com

To let us know about your band/artwork/business/whatever, email us here: editors@yabyummusic.com

To write for us or work with us in some capacity, email us here: editors@yabyummusic.com

F.Y.I.  We will likely reply from our gmail accounts as they are easier to access from various locations. Be aware responses may come from yymeditors@gmail.com or yymads@gmail.com.
If you see your art on our site…
We’re huge fans of street art and are committed to being involved in the record of images from this temporal medium. Oftentimes we do not credit street artists or visual artists because either their name is unknown or the act of creating the art might be viewed as criminal and we do not want to implicate anyone by naming them. If you would like credit for your art seen on our page, email us. We’d love to credit you! If you prefer to have your art taken down, let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige! 
Want to send us something... like your album?
We accept digital copies of music or if you prefer to send us a link to your music online it can be sent to editors@yabyummusic.com.
Local Artists, Local Business, Sustainable Economies… let’s make it work together!