Treasure Mammal 700

by Carly Schorman

I have to admit that going on tour with Treasure Mammal might be on my secret bucket list. And, given their revolving cast of players and dancers, I might actually have a shot at making this dream a reality someday. This summer, the ragtag band packed up and hit the road for a nine city tour in just 11 days. We caught up with Abe Gil after Treasure Mammal returned to home turf to talk T-Mammal, tour van tunes, and more…Read More →

The cast and crew of Treasure Mammal joined us at Radio Phoenix for Rise! They brought along an eclectic mix of music and an hour of rioutous good times. Check out the podcast here. The complete playlist can be found below. Tune in this coming Wednesday at 7pm to hearRead More →

Sure, Treasure Mammal has probably played the Trunk Space a few times this year, but if you were at this show then you definitely know which show I’m talking about. The show – The Treasure Mammal 10 Years of Cumming Full Circle show at the Trunk Space which happened over twoRead More →

Treasure Mammal 10 Years of Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle Featuring D.R.U.M.B. Treasure Mammal is more than a band. It is an immersion study in your own id. Not the scary place we must seek to repress but the colorful, mystical, sexual cocoon we should all explore a little moreRead More →

golden boots 700

by Mark Anderson – Golden Boots have been a band for 15 years. Think about that. What were you doing 15 years ago? Half of you probably were not playing in the same band as you are now and the other half of you weren’t even double digits yet. Meanwhile,Read More →

ryan avery 502

by Senior Editors – Ryan Avery is majestic. The oddball vocalist who practically grew up in the Phoenix scene and now runs a weirdo/specialty label, Related Records. Not only is it an avenue for his own musical projects, he’s released a bevy of albums by some awesome Arizona acts includingRead More →

A Claire Slattery has been an innovative force for community building ever since she first showed up in our sunny state for college all those years ago (ahem, we have pictures). Maybe you first saw her performing as a Treasure Mammal dancer. I mean, remember that night she let theRead More →

nikpour 00

Musician, local tastemaker, radio-show persona, and all-around-rad-dude Roddy Nikpour is officially coming onboard #TeamYabYum and we just couldn’t be more excited to have him. In addition to his host of creative endeavors, from ambient music to Treasure Mammal dancer, Roddy will be joining us down at Radio Phoenix as ourRead More →

good friends great enemies 0000

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – It was a sad, sad day when Phoenix had to bid farewell to Good Friends Great Enemies. Mourners gathered at The Trunk Space for one last show before the band parted ways. The celebratory event was only somewhat marred by the funereal atmosphere – like anRead More →

space alien donald 00

by Jason Kron Contributing Writer April 20 marks the anniversary of Space Alien Donald leaving our planet in 2015 at age 79. He was many things: loner, scientist, writer, voracious reader, anarchist, vegetarian, freethinker. Having lived a nomadic life, he spent the last four years of his Earth time residingRead More →

strange 00

Prism Bitch “Ya Ya” Adrian Underhill “Not Good Enough” LeoLeo “Iowa” Koonian “Namaste & Sh!t” Erica Dawson “USA Party Girl” Papillon Rising “High Upon High” Treasure Mammal “My Love”Read More →