Music Video of the Day: “WAR” by Flortcha Flow

Flortcha Flow

This young musician is also a healthcare provider in her Florida community and her new single holds the present moment in freeze frame for a serious, and much needed, examination. Flortcha Flow crafts Indie R&B but she’s doing more than setting a mood with her message. As a nurse, Flow finds a powerful way to convey the daily fight some people are forced to make against this pandemic. And she does it in a way that will have you singing along to “WAR” after you reach for the repeat button. She doesn’t stop the social commentary there, but I don’t want to give too much away. I want you to watch the video and consider the struggle people are facing in this country right now. I’m not a message kid when it comes to art (only art), but Flortcha Flow delivers a powerful message in a good song. That’s something worth hearing.

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