Music Video of the Day: “Indecisa soledad del fin (de semana)” by Michelle Blades

Michelle Blades
“Indecisa soledad del fin (de semana)”

Songwriter and musician Michelle Blades is originally from Panama & Mexico and she currently resides in Paris, but she passed a spell right here in sunny Arizona (amongst other places) and we’ve been fans ever since. The multi-instrumentalist and multilinguist just unveiled a new EP which features this single, “Indecisa soledad del fin (de semana)”. Blades has a lovely voice made even more striking by the way she utilizes it within her music. She posses a tendency toward experimenting with her sound and this pursuit of avant-garde means she doesn’t become mired in a single sound but is constantly seeking her next modulation. Check out the music video for “Indecisa soledad del fin (de semana)” and then be sure to give the new EP, Nombrar las Cosas, a listen (or several).

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