Music Video of the Day: “We Will Meet Again” by Ozark Henry

Ozark Henry
“We Will Meet Again”

Ozark Henry is one of the many monikers of Belgian artist/producer/composer Piet Goddaer who goes beyond crafting music to creating immersive sound experiences. That last bit might best be explained by simply watching the music video below as you take in the song. And make sure the volume is turned up loud. “We Will Meet Again” was born of a certain time and place. Goddaer was about to embark on an international tour that included stops in New York, Tokyo, Paris and London, but the COVID crisis forced him to set those plans aside and hunker down in the small coastal village he calls home.

This song feels like taking a moment to pause, to breathe, to just be where you are and not think about where you think you should be or where you are going. And, the visual accompaniment provided by the music video is the perfect accomplice. Immerse yourself in the experience of “We Will Meet Again” by Ozark Henry.

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