Music Video of the Day: Sundressed

“Home Remedy”

If you’re prone to anxiety, you’re not alone. And, if you’ve ever mentioned this anxiety in an online forum (like Facebook), I’m sure you’ve been subject to an onslaught of suggestions on how to best bypass your apprehensions with some simple home remedies. Like yoga. Or chamomile tea. Sundressed tackles this topic on their latest track, “Home Remedy,” in the ongoing pursuit of some way to manage emotional stress. No matter how many supplements we take, the fact remains, a lot of us are subject to a ceaseless cycle of existential angst that can build-up and wash over us like a tsunami. And then we suddenly might feel like we’re dying or, worse, like we want to die. Thankfully, Trevor Hedges, principle songwriter and frontman for Sundressed, isn’t one to shy away from addressing issues of mental health in his lyrics. “Home Remedy” is currently out through Rude Records, but it looks like more tracks are on the way. Check out the music video from Sundressed below and then like/follow to stay up-to-date about the new album due out later this year!

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