Welcome Back…

Welcome back to another year of new content from your friendly neighborhood bloggers. We keep the focus on music, arts, and culture both here in our own stretch of the Sonoran desert and the larger world beyond our dusty borders – it all depends on what strikes our fancy. Longtime readers might have noticed our recent website facelift. We’re trying to moving away from “Big Time Publication” and back to our blogging roots. Less burnout, more love. Less bullshit, more art. More personal experiences and perspectives.

We’re excited to continue our journey of artistic exploration and discovery. This new decade promises nothing but the unpredictable. We’re here to ride the waves and find the underground artists and musicians that seek to define the crazy times we find ourselves in. So, please keep sending us the things you make and we promise to look/listen even if we can’t possibly cover everything that comes our way…

Lots of Love,

Carly + Mark
Senior Editors (i.e. Yab+Yum)

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