Best Punk Album 2019: ‘Bored Again’ by US Depressed

us depressed 01

The trio known as US Depressed dropped their debut, Enjoy Your Poodle, in 2016 and followed it up this past May with the often-dreaded sophomore release. But, for these Valley post-punk-rockers, the sophomore slump was just a thing for other bands… lesser bands. Bored Again pairs misery and misanthropy with a fun and feisty sound that you’ll want to listen to from start to finish. And then all over again.

Sadly, US Depressed decided to go out with a bang and will not be making a third album, but they left us with this parting gift to add to the annals of Phoenix’s punk rock music history. Check out Bored Again from US Depressed, if you haven’t already.

You can read our original review here.

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