Radio Phoenix Broadcast of It’s Not Our Fault: Locals Only

locals only 01On this edition of It’s Not Our Fault, Amy and Tom show some local love by playing some tracks from bands all around the state of AZ. Tom welcomes back Amy and Dan after their jaunt in LA attending Bikini Kill two weeks before and we learn a bunch of info about all of these great bands… and even some insight on people who eat the sun. Check it.

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No Volcano “M-Oceans”

Soft Deadlines “Minutes to Air”

The Exbats “Everybody Loves My Mom”

Scorpion vs. Tarantula “I’ve Had My Fill”

GodSpeedBall “Backslider”

Weird Radicals “John Lennon (Headbangin’)”

The Sunpunchers “Hold You Now”

Dadadoh + The POC “Black Eye”

Los Puchos “Good Love”

The Gem Show “I’m Never Going To Do That Again”

Hogjaw “Way Down Yonder”

U. S. Depressed “Bar Rag”

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Blossom”

Originally broadcast live on May 15, 2019

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