Best of 2018 Spotify Playlists

2018 spotify playlists 700As we wrap up our 2018 Awards and get right back to our regularly scheduled programming, we wanted to once again gather all of our favorite songs from 2018 and compile them in some handy-dandy Spotify playlists. This time however we’ve broken down our lists even more with not only our overall favorites and some Senior Editors favs, but focused lists as well including Electronic, Hip Hop, Mellow, + Rowdy!!

Check out the playlists below and make sure to follow us on Spotify for more curated playlists that we’ll be featuring throughout the year…

YabYum’s 2018 Favorites

Carly’s 2018 Favorites

Mark’s 2018 Favorites

YabYum 2018 Favorites: Rowdy

YabYum 2018 Favorites: Mellow

YabYum 2018 Favorites: Hip Hop

YabYum 2018 Favorites: Electronic

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