Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Matt Storrs


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photo courtesy of Matt Storrs

On this edition of The YabYum Hour, Senior Editors Mark and Carly along with new Audio Engineer Garrett play some rad songs we’ve featured on our website. Then, Staff Writer Dale I. Rasmussen interviews comedian Matt Storrs about all the joys of comedy and life in New York City.

Matt is performing in REUNION on Friday, September 21 at The SIC Sense Theatre along with co-host Hattie Hayes and they’re getting the gang back together for this one night only show! “Some of our favorite comedians, storytellers, academics, visual artists, local theater stars, and musicians will give their best interpretation of the theme ‘Reunion.’ We might also teach you who REALLY invented Post-Its,” says their Facebook Event page.

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Josué Kinter “Summertime”

Asian Fred “W.P.”

Logan Greene “Cool Ways To Die”

Upsahl “Rough”

Haley Reinhart “Last Kiss Goodbye”

Tuelo “Saint Margaret”

Earthquake Lights “The Fix”

Playboy Manbaby “College Is A Scam”

Meet the Sun “Lightning”

The Braves “How The Money Rolls In”

The Expos “Popsicles”

Originally broadcast live on June 27, 2018

matt storrs 02

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