Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Sarah Chapman

sarah chapman 01Sarah Chapman joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio and now the broadcast archive is available for all! She brought in a bunch of great Arizona artists to play on the air and we chat with her about current projects and what’s in the works. We even learn the mystery behind her band’s name, Ghost Cat Attack! Check it out.

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Sarah Chapman “Distraction”

What’s the Big Idea “The Community Chest Campaign”

Whitherward “The Dragon”

Harper and the Moths “Rooftop Shimmy”

Wyves “Bitch Has Got Problems”

The Black Moods “Judge Me”

I Am Hologram “Modern-Day Hymn”

The Woodworks “Someone’s Foot Is In My Shoe”

Treasurefruit “Darkside”

SC “Dear Dylan”

Recorded live on June 6, 2018

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