Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Lumberjerk Records

The nice guys of Lumberjerk Records came by our studio for an Editor’s Choice Edition of The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix in celebration of the STRAIGHT OUTTA COMP Vol. 2 release. The senior editors, Mark and Carly, shared the playlist responsibilities with our guests and chatted about the impending release of the Lumberjerk Records’ compilation. Lucky for you, that album is presently available for your listening pleasure so you can check out the complete release over on Bandcamp (and score a copy for yourself).

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Polyan & the Johnson Sisters “Ruby”

Brian Lopez “Meta, Fall in Line”

Westrin & Mowry “Cold Rain”

Seinabo Sey “I Owe You Nothing”

Courtney Marie Andrews “I’ve Hurt Worse”

Ailey “It Goes”

Ryan Cassatta “Daughter”

Fine China “The Light of Spring”

Sun System “Sweeter Than Heaven”

There Is Danger “Mirror Eyes (Pt. 1)”

Celebration Guns “Pangaea”

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