Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Editor’s Choice

choice 700The YabYum Editors select a cross-genre playlist and discuss the perks and pitfalls of dealing with the space-time continuum. Tune in.


Sugar Skull Explosion “Graveyards in Space”

Foresteater “Pretend Land”

Emergency Tiara “Explode”

The Expos “Martha”

Bobby Baritone “Shaving Private Ryan”

Dana Williams “Preach”

Mt. Joy “Mt. Joy”

The Unlikely Candidates “Oh My Dear Lord”

Closet Goth “Touch Myself”

Not Confined “Out of Control”

Shovel “Dweeb”

Big Meats “23 Days”

Optimystical “June”

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “I Can’t Die”

Originally broadcast on April 11, 2018

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