Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

radio phoenix podcast 01On this version of our Radio Phoenix podcast of The YabYum Hour, the Editor’s play some of their favorite new tracks and comedian Amy Blackwell stops by to talk some shop and hype some podcasts. Enjoy.

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Humble Living  “Southern Arizona”

Cheap Hotels  “Honey”

W.A.S.H.  “Take It Slow (w/ Cody Ballentine)”

Captain Squeegee  “Terrosit of Time”

Avi Jacob  “Pickup Truck”

Heart Society  “Rocket”

Kiid Mango  “Threes (ft. Katie Solomon)”

T.O.S.O. “Cicadadoo”

Young Culture “Bloom”

The Dollar Bill Murrays  “Dancing With Death”

Noonday Devils  “Die In Your Sleep”

KILL YOUR TV  “Condemn”

Snailmate  “On You”

Sad Dance Party  “Fade To Black”

John Prine  “Summer’s End”

Originally broadcast on Feburary 28, 2018

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