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Robin Vining joined us at The Listening Room Phoenix for the latest installment of our continuing series, Song from The Listening Room. Playing “One Day/Can’t Remember”, he mesmerized all in attendance. Check out his performance, and then read a short Q+A with Robin about this song, some of his influences,Read More →

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by Rebecca Rudnyk – Before The King and I even begins, the beautifully draped stage greeted attendees with the promise of exotic extravagance. Thai Buddhist goddesses, almost holographic, peered out at the audience. It is an appropriate primer for the stunning opening scene: Anna (a well-traveled Welsh widow, and teacher ofRead More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Paper Foxes “Pop Confessions” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram La Bête Blooms “Take Arms” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jane N’ The Jungle “Open Road” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Eva et Ménades “Le brouillard de l’alcool” Facebook –Read More →

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The Vinyl District Record Store Day is rapidly approaching so make some plans to show your support for your favorite local vinyl dealer. This is The Vinyl District’s modus operandi every day. The D.C.-based blog started back in 2007 and became the official blog of Record Store Day the next year. TVDRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Laugh to Keep from Crying Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra is more than a band; it’s a social force for good that started right here in Arizona… in case you didn’t glean that from the name. PAO brought down the house at The Van BurenRead More →

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AHMIR “My Love” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Slow Skies “Dancing” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Nick Summit “Elena” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram All The Luck In The World “Contrails” Facebook – Spotify Inara George “Slow Dance” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Lettie Maclean and David Baron “SaveRead More →

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Hey all you musicians and music industry mavens in the making, Fervor Records is hosting a music business summit titled, “Mastering the New Paradigm: Forging Your Path in Independent Music”. Now, that sounds like some information we could all use. For this event, the Fervor crew has assembled quite aRead More →

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Oddnote “Money Comes, Money Goes” [Nashville, USA] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp DIET. “Forget About It” [Australia] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify The Magic Gang “Getting Along” [United Kingdom] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Mr. Incommunicado “Hunt You Down” [Phoenix, USA] Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp VedeTT “It SeemsRead More →