7 Rad Rock Videos from Around the Globe

“Money Comes, Money Goes”

[Nashville, USA]

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“Forget About It”



The Magic Gang
“Getting Along”

[United Kingdom]


Mr. Incommunicado
“Hunt You Down”

[Phoenix, USA]

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“It Seems To Be Natural”



“The Beat”


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[Los Angeles, USA]


Prizefighting Kangaroo: Musical Films Not Musicals

prizefighting kangaroo 501For our third episode, “Musical Films Not Musicals”, we’ve reached into the kangaroo’s pouch, pushed the baby aside, and pulled out some music-centric movies we’ve loved and hated that are not, we repeat, not musicals.

Some of the movies we converse about, along with our producer Devon, are Dudes, 24 Hour Party People, Spinal Tap, Walk Hard, and Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping. We go old and new, as usual, and don’t hold anything back. We may talk just about musicals one day, but this day wasn’t it.

You can join the team of Prizefighting Kangaroo tomorrow (4/22/2018) at Filmbar in Phoenix for their monthly director’s showcase, Gateway Drug!

Or come down to TRIVIADOME, a film trivia night hosted by Amy and Ashley of Prizefighting Kangaroo, every month at Valley Bar.

5 Mellow Singles to Help You Unfurl

by Carly Schorman



Get ready for a voice that will haunt you. “Bird”, the debut single from London-based artist, Sabiyha, provides the perfect introduction to the combined power of her lyricism and vocals. Brooding, orchestral indie-folk sets the backdrop for the heart-wrenching performance on “Bird” as the songwriter explores the cultural displacement she experienced as an individual of Indo-Caribbean descent “trying to assimilate into a world where I didn’t truly fit in.”  The single comes to us from Sabiyha’s debut EP, Hollow Bones, which is due out later this month. Not to be missed.

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 The Hails


Fusing together a modern indie sound with a 70s style pop groove, The Hails from Gainesville [FL] crafted this slinky new single. Vocalist Robbie Kingsley lays out a lounge vibe while the slowly building instrumental gains more focus as the track progresses; always fluidly interwoven with the vocal layers. “Younger” by The Hails is perfect for long afternoons and early cocktail hours.

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Sarah Chapman


Some of you might best know Sarah Chapman as the frontwoman of Phoenix’s Ghost Cat Attack, but the songwriter has another side… something a little more stripped-down and sultry. Chapman frequently performs around the Valley in this solo-mode, but fans can now take home the intimacy of those acoustic performances with Let Love Shine  – the brand-new EP slated for release this weekend. “Distraction” offers us the first taste of what’s to come and, at the same time, a small glimpse into the songwriter’s inner workings as she looks to balance that #artlyfe and her love life.

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Delafaye (aka Andrew Shockley) first captured our attention last year with the release of three new EPs (yep, THREE). Looks like the Louisville songwriter has no plans of slowing down in 2018. “Anyway” came out earlier this month through Street Mission Records and marks Delafaye’s first single since last September. My guess is that the prolific Delafaye cooked up some stellar new songs during that six-month hiatus in releases and “Anyway” is only our first sampling of what’s to come. If so, this is looking like a promising year for Delafaye fans.


 Vintage Clothes

“See Her Fantasies”

Phoenix’s Vintage Clothes released their jazzy debut s/t EP back in January and on that release you can find this funky track, “See Her Fantasies”. Vintage Clothes combines the talents of Michael Oden and Matt Oliverio for a retro-styled sound for a chill vibe that could easily fit in at any hip downtown piano bar. “See Her Fantasies” is about more than looking beyond the woman to see the fantasies that lurk beneath; it’s about breaking down those gender barriers that seek to cage us all.

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7 Stellar Live Music Videos

Chris Farren

Live at Little Elephant


Gethen Jenkins
“Western Gold”

from Sofar Los Angeles



from The Trundle Sessions

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Shy shy shy
“Someone Else”

Live at Sjællandsgade Bad


The Folly Brothers
“Artificial Thrills”


Savannah King
“Pictures of California”

from Sofar Phoenix


We The Heathens
“Fucked Drunk Life”

from Fistful of Vinyl 

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The 41st Annual Spring Festival of the Arts Returns to Tempe

spring festival 04
All images courtesy of Tempe Festival of the Arts

by Nicole Royse

The Tempe Festival of the Arts is a spectacular 3-day event taking place Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25, showcasing exceptional visual artists from around the country. Returning for its 41st season, this festival focuses on amazing art, edibles, and entertainment situated in the heart of beautiful Downtown Tempe!

Open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM and offering visitors the opportunity to explore wonderful Mill Avenue from Third Street to University,  the Tempe Festival of the Arts has consistently been ranked in the Top 200 Fine Art and Fine Craft Festivals in the nation and they are expecting nearly 225,000 visitors this year!

spring festival 05Receiving around 700 applicants, that are then juried by members of the local art community, the top artisans are ranked in each category and the highest-ranking artists receive invitations to participate.

The Tempe Festival of the Arts will highlight a diverse and eclectic array of artists working in 16 different visual arts categories including ceramics, jewelry, photography, wearable art, and wood to name just a few. Selected by jury, 350 artist booths will line Mill Avenue filled with unique and hand-made artwork that offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists and shop an eclectic collection of works.

spring festival 02During the Festival, a new jury selects the best overall artist and the top artist in each category receives cash honoraria awards. Adam Homan, an Arizona native who has been creating metal art for the past 21 years is this year’s featured artist, whose work utilizes a “unique blend of steel, re-purposed objects and fiber optics.”

The Festival will present well-known local and regional music with more than a dozen street performers as well as the new edition “Unplugged Lounge” courtesy of the Graduate Tempe. They will also offer a wonderful variety of food options from local vendors that can be found throughout the festival at the food court, “Food Truck Alley”, snack vendors, and the featured Beer and Wine gardens.

spring festival 03The ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center and Brickyard Gallery, located at the Brickyard on Mill, features an interesting gallery space and open storage combination handled by the Ceramics Research Center with a diverse collection of 3,500 ceramic pieces at any one time.

Festival goers can experiment with chalk at the Chalk-A-Lot Street featuring a special curated chalk art section located on 4th Street and Mill with amazing professional chalk artists competing for awards.

For complete Tempe Festival of the Arts details, artist line up and entertainment schedules visit them online. Be sure also to follow them online on Twitter and Facebook. Admission to the festival is free!


spring festival 01

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

editor 500The YabYum Senior Editor’s threw down their favorite songs of 2017 in THREE separate Spotify playlists (plus a NOT on Spotify one) and we drew from those to create our playlist for this show. Plus, Nick Kizer from When In AZ drops by the studio to fill us in on the latest info about the When In AZ Vol. 2 compilation due to come out in April! Have a listen, the complete playlist can be found below.


Nam Wayne “On Drugs and in Love with You”

Upsahl “Can You Hear Me Now”

The Womack Sisters “Darling”

Diet Cig “Barf Day”

Sundressed “Mill Ave. And Broadway”

AJJ “Border Patrol (Yuma)”

Delafaye “Dreamers”

Pistoleros “Did You Wake Up All Alone”

Twin Ponies “Humpty”

Alexander Wolfe “I Can’t Get to Sleep”

Old Nobodaddy “Gun is Coming”

Mega Ran “Church (feat. Kadesh Flow)”

Lando Chill “Break Them Shackles”

Small Leaks Sink Ships “Dancing Devil”

Howe Gelb & Lonna Kelly “All You Need to Know”

Originally broadcast on January 24, 2018

5 Fresh HipHop Singles for Your Weekend Playlist

by Carly Schorman

Mouse Powell


Picking just one single to feature from Mouse Powell’s latest album is a challenge in of itself. The album features some choice guest spots from PHX musicians, like Jason Devore of Authority Zero and Andy Chaves of Katastro. “Coffee” mixes musings on love and sobriety with a funky beat while Sarah Robinson lends her pipes to the backing vocals to add some sass to this single. If you missed the release show for First Love, you missed out. Don’t make the same mistake on this album.


Balkan Bump


Talib Kweli just passed through Phoenix to play a show with some super cool locals (see also: Wolfzie, Tru Vonne, and Futuristic), but if you missed that one, you can enjoy his collaborative appearance on this new single from Balkan Bump. For those not currently in the know, Balkan Bump is the new musical undertaking from trumpet player, producer, Oakland resident, and ethnomusicologist Will Magid. “Aymo” was released through the artist’s on imprint, Lowtemp Music, in anticipation of his s/t debut. I’m definitely digging the Eastern European folk infusion with some Oaktown hiphop so I’m keeping watch Balkan Bump by Balkan Bump.


Black One

“Breaking Infinity”

Arizona’s own Black One dropped his latest LP just in time for Xmas, but if you didn’t find a copy under your tree, you can still snag the release through Bandcamp. Breaking Infinity comes in at 13 tracks (intro included) and even features a guest spot from Random aka Mega Ran, but the title track was an early stand out for me. The production on the underlying soundscape is sharp and rich in innovative elements that break away from all those other boring beats out that get sent to us every week by way of submission. Check out “Breaking Infinity”, the single, and then score the full album over on Bandcamp to throw some support to the artist.

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This experimental hiphop act brings you “Heaven” right from the PHX. Optimystical combines elements of soul and jazz with hiphop and then sends that sound on the Stream of Consciousness for a free-flowing vibe. I’m definitely digging this new act on the rise. You should take “Heaven” for a spin and then all you locals should make plans to catch the Optimystical experience live ASAP.



“Top Down”

If you’re looking for that weekend kickback song, this might be it. You can spin “Top Down” from Jpaulished while driving around (definitely with the top down if that’s an option) and the music on blast. You can feel the stress from the week – bad workdays and bad dates – melt away  until you’re left feeling as mellow as the beat that drives the single.


Kid Mango Premieres “threes” [track + interview]

The D.C.-based artist known as Kid Mango has a sweet new single to share today. There’s a conversational framework to the music that lends the hiphop track a jazzy, spoken-word vibe as we move through this triptych aptly titled, “threes”.

We gave radio listeners a sneak peek of the track a couple weeks ago, but we’re super excited to share the official premiere of “threes” from Kid Mango. Smash that play button so the song can set a chill vibe while you peruse our Q&A with the man, Kid Mango, himself…

YabYum: What first led you to music-making?

Kid Mango: My Grandmother ran a Western classical music school in Bangalore, and until I was like seven or eight, it operated out of the house I grew up in. So I was constantly surrounded by kids butchering, like, baroque composers. She decided the violin was the way for me and that I was going to be the next Paganini or something.

I wasn’t bad, honestly, but it never took. While I do have love and respect for Western classical music, hip-hop (which was also from the other side of the world) always resonated more with my reality. I ended up moving to the States at eleven and from there I was hooked.

I tried to make some music with friends in high school, but we got nothing recorded. Robert [Don] is a roommate of one of my best friends from college and he’s a really talented musician. I was at his house one day and was saying if some of these dudes I ran into at parties could call themselves rappers, I should too. He was like, “aight,” and next thing we were in his room making beats. I think neither of us was taking it too seriously, but then we started making something interesting.

Kid Mango is an interesting moniker. Is there a story behind the name?

I really wish there was something. Here’s where I could throw down the Indian shit heavy. A perfectly ripe mango is a symbol of perfection. I’ve had to literally chase monkeys out of my grandmother’s living room who had come in feast on the mangoes that were bought for me. Also, I’m always telling people in the Western Hemisphere they’ve never really had a mango and I’m trying to get back to that childhood bliss of passing out from gorging myself on mangoes.

I feel like that is all in play, but I just had pick something. We were sitting on music, unable to move forward, because I lacked a name. I suggested it as joke, and really laughed myself out the room.

Who helped you create “threes”?

This was probably the most collaborative track on the tape. Robert Don produced, mixed and mastered. You can find his other stuff at http://www.robertgdon.com/. Katie Solomon sings the chorus and is the frontman of jakals (http://jakalsmusic.com/). Oluwaseun Odubiro slays the bass on the track. The underlying image accompanying the track is some street art in Spain by Daniel Shkolnik.

Did you record all the instrumentation yourself or did you draw from samples or both?

I had flu when the beat was made, so I got there and slept through the session, waking up at random points to throw in an inane suggestion. One being we needed a non 4/4 time signature, so Robert met me in the middle with 9/4 for the chorus. It was a mix of samples and live instruments. Robert played the organ and Olu played the bass, then their parts were sliced and laid back in.

I see the album was recorded in Brooklyn. Are you from the area or did you matriculate to BK?

I’ve actually never lived there, couch surfed for minute, mostly just leeching off the rep. Honestly, I have stopped saying “recorded in a bedroom in Brooklyn” because, while true, makes me seem like the ill poser.

Robert lives there though. We produced and recorded it in his bedroom. It’s funny, he was working at a studio at the time too, so he got free actual studio time, but I never liked the vibe. Plus, it felt ridiculous making someone who has won a Grammy listen to my songs and be like “not bad, dude.” My friend Olu plays bass on “threes” and he’s actually from BK tho.

Oh, and I worked at a bagel shop in Crown Heights for, like, six months.

Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process?

Yeah,  so I’d go in on Tuesdays. I’d like get wasted in the corner and make unhelpful suggestions as Robert made the beats. It was really important to me to be there for this part of the process. The beats were an attempt to try to capture emotions. I had the idea that the tape would be the emotional roller coaster of some random night out so we tried to fit into a mind state following that progression.

Then I just listened to the beat over and over again, like over a week, until I felt I was in it and just rap over it where ever I went. I write down what was good and then just sit in my room and see what hit.

What was the inspiration behind this single?

This is the stage of the night where you are getting into some faux/real deep shit, as the people start to dwindle. The beat was initially split, so I thought it would be cool if we could come in on a story and then break into the rap. We tried out a couple of ways and this one really seemed to build well with the beat. The train really fit with the forward momentum of tracks.

The “three pieces” were the most interesting part of the story and, culturally, we also put a high value on that number. Things like the holy trinity; story structure; the comedic rule of three; primary colors; the colonially split of India. People are about the number, it feels significant, just like this event did to me.

Robert came up with the chorus and we thought Katie (from the Jakals) would be ideal or it. The middle was crazy so I just wanted to have fun with it and then bring it in for the end. That heartbeat shit at the end was low key giving me panic attacks as I listened to it, so I wanted to say something grounding over it.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

I do a little sculpture, act a little. I’m trying to drink more tea. Mostly shoot the shit with my friends and toil away at something.

What’s next for Kid Mango? Mixtape in the days/weeks to come?

Big things I hope. Dropping the mixtape/EP ‘Same Outfit’ March 22nd wherever one get’s their music, so get hype for that. Looking to make more cool shit, so feel free to hit me up.


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7 Feisty Music Videos



The Dollar Bill Murrays
“Dancing with Death”


“Bag of Cans”


Young Culture


Down & Out


“The Party”

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“tiny bodies”