Editors’ 2017 Favorites [Spotify Playlists]

spotify playlistAs you may or may not know, two senior editors sit behind the helm of YabYum and, every year, they sort through thousands and thousands (and thousands) of songs to bring you new music every day.

Oftentimes, we ask the YabYum Staff to choose a favorite album for the year, but we decided to do things a little bit differently and make a playlist of our favorite songs from 2017.

Check out Carly + Mark’s favorites and then comment (or message us) about which list you prefer. After all, our editors are married so they’ve been bickering about whose list is the best list. Only you can help us decide…

Carly’s 2017 Favorites

Mark’s 2017 Favorites

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  1. Well Carly, your list pips the post for me because it has Jeremy Tuplin’s Astronaut. All great songs but this is my song of the year!

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