Radio Phoenix Podcast: Scott Mitting

scott mitting 01

Scott also figured out a sweet patch on the synthesizer Mark brought down.

Scott Mitting, the insider’s insider on experimental and electronic here in the Valley, stopped by the Radio Phoenix studio and brought some stellar tracks down with him. Not only do we get to hear a variety of experimental acts from AZ and beyond, we get the rundown on all of Mr. Mitting’s bands and projects he’s worked on (which is quite a bit). As always, the complete playlist can be found below. Check it out .

Complete Playlist

Wayward Sun “Quite the Conversation (Killer)”

Orangubang “People Suck” from The Banjo Remix

Andy Warpigs “Shut the Fuck Up”

Exxxtra Crispy “Scumbag”

BOARDS OF CANADA “Reach For the Dead”

Militia Joan Hart “Lost Cosmonaut”

Flatland Sound Studio “Sorry Donny”

20FT Neon Jesus ft. SupaJoint “Blaze One”

Hesperus “Lost in Thought”

Beehatch “C Song Sea”

The Tear Garden “We the People”

Recorded live on October 18, 2017


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