Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

yabyum editor's choice 01The YabYum Editors are back with their pick of current fav songs featured on the website – From folk to punk to hip hop and more, check out the list of all Arizona artists below.

Complete Playlist:

Dadadoh “FOH!”

Diners “Sunrise”

Pro Teens “She’s Gonna Be So Great”

Red Tank! “Tell Me”

The Darts “The Cat’s Meow”

JJCnV “Footloose la Trec”

Playboy Manbaby “Weltschmerz”

Blaze Rock “Limitless”

Injury Reserve “North Pole”

Dirt Moon “Recognize”

The Wilt Family “Don’t Brave Me”

koleżanka “Space Issues”

El Sonida de Reposa “Pink Room”

Originally aired live on October 25, 2017

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