7 Eclectic POP Music Videos

St. Vincent
“Los Ageless”

If St. Vincent hadn’t already established her indie street cred early on, that album with David Byrne really locked it down. The indie-electro artist just released her latest album, MASSEDUCTIONand it ready to head out on tour. She’ll be stopping at The Van Buren in Phoenix on January 26th so mark your calendar. 


“My Mistake”

Gawd, is it me or does MRCH keep upping the production game? This new slick single perfectly pairs Mickey’s lithe and breathy vocals with the futurescape of sound. See? This is how to make a future-tense sound with retro synths, kids. Please take note.



This emerging electro artist is originally from Taiwan but now calls L.A. home. Baer released “River”, the second single from her forthcoming EP, The Pink Formosa, in October. The songwriter penned the track on a solo hiking adventure in Ojai and that meditative atmosphere enters the aesthetic of both the song and the music video.


Erin McCarley

That brooding voice, the goth pop attitude, and a super hip music video to match. What’s not to like about Erin McCarley’s “BLACKOUT”? The single, which features Bodytalkr (Jeremy Lutito of Leagues), can be purchased for your personal collection here


Those Wicked Hours

Swiss indie-electro act known as Those Wicked Hours brings you their chill single “Run” to the visual world of a video game set in 1980s Miami with this new music video. We dig it. 



The title track from Peakes’ October 27th release is expansive and uplifting despite the serious tone of the lyrics. And, I say that after I was disappointed that the song was about personal space rather than, you know, outer space (nerd here). “Spaces” deals with real life relational issues which suggests greater relevance anyway and better suits the orchestral instrumentation. Video below, full album here.


“Find a Place”

This summer single from L.A. transplant, Jade, lays out an easygoing atmosphere that gives space to her lithe voice. Jade, originally from PHX, released her debut EP, PINK, over the summer. 



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