5 Radio-Ready POP Jams


“Girls Like You”

This trio from Minneapolis describes their sound as “Posh boy pop” which, I must admit, had me on the fence. But, gawddam, this song is catchy. It comes in with a wave of orchestral-indie-pop, but the permutations in this track will surprise. The multi-instrumentalists behind DENNY might self-identify, ironically or otherwise, as “punk-ass, upper middle class, white, suburban kids” but they know something about shaping out a serious hook. Check out “Girls Like You” below or head here to score the digi-download.



“Ride or Die”

Evalyn is bringing us moody Soul-Pop from Venice Beach on her new single, “Ride or Die”. The song is more about that moment when your ride-or-die love is in jeopardy of becoming just another bad tattoo decision. If anyone can overcome diminishing passions, it’s Evalyn with her sultry, super hip songbird stylings. “Ride or Die” comes to us from Evalyn’s new EP, Sandcastles, available here.

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Oliver Tree & Whethan


For this snappy new single Los Angeles singer-songwriter Oliver Tree teamed up with Chicago-transplant, Whethan. The now-LA-based producer, Whethan, might not be old enough to drink, but he’s already laying putting his elders to shame with his beats that subtly sneak some sludge on “Enemy”. This single has a weekend slouch to the sound that will sneak up on you and then leaving you humming the chorus a week later. Don’t underestimate the radio potential of this one. Take “Enemy” from Oliver Tree and Whethan for a spin below or get the digi-download here.




We could all strive for a little more balance in our lives. And Zosia has arrived her her new Dark Pop song, “Water”, to remind us of that. The producer, singer, songwriter cites influences like Isaac Asimov and Pythagoras which suggests her work is more drawn more from the conceptual realm than the conventions of musicians that came before her. Zosia offers fluid layers of sound on “Water” to a pensive effect. That’s the way I like my pop music: pensive. Check out “Water” from Zosia below or land your own copy here.


Night Drive

“Trapeze Artist Regrets”

This single sounds like it could have hit the airwaves in 1988, but those 80s synth sounds are all the rage with the kids once again. “Trapeze Artist Regrets” has some sharp, modern production, but it’s the New Wave dance club feel that I really love.  This song is not about circus performers (alas), but it does deal with some very real issues. “Trapeze Artist Regrets” comes to us from the duo’s s/t debut which came out last month. Night Drive will be playing at Valley Bar on December 15th with another synth-pop duo, and YabYum favorite, Bogan Via. More info here, but before that happens, you should check out the music video for “Trapeze Artist Regrets” below…


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