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by Carly Schorman – Bogan Via “When You Fall in Love” We’ve been obsessing over the synth-pop of Bogan Via back since waaay back and “When You Fall in Love” helped reaffirm that love. The new single from the L.A. (by way of Phoenix) duo is a breath of freshRead More →

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Lumberjerk Records is putting out its first compilation, Strait Outta Comp, and it combines two of our favorite things: good music and a good cause. The label, and its forthcoming compilation, are the brainchild of Justin Weir (of Celebrations Guns fame) and features a smorgasbord of Arizona alt- and indie- artists,Read More →

Ecstatic Union “Illuminator” The L.A. garage rockers known as Ecstatic Union have an easygoing attitude and a brand-new s/t album out through Lolipop Records. You can purchase the new album here or preview additional tracks through Soundcloud first.  The Bittersweet Way “Already Over” The Bittersweet Way released this cool collage videoRead More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Nigel Clouse and I am a multidisciplinary artist who has lived in the valley for 13 years. I was born and raised in Winchester, Indiana; a rural community located in the Rust Belt. I completed my undergraduate degree inRead More →

The YabYum Hour on has gone weekly! Now, every second and fourth Wednesday catch the YabYum Eds play their current choice favs, including songs from our very own site! As always, the complete playlist can be found below. Check out the YabYum Hour live every Wednesday at 7:00 PMRead More →

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Marc Oxborrow is a dapper gentleman with a penchant for punkgrass. In addition to his musical mainstay, The Haymarket Squares, you might have caught him performing with other local acts like The Shivereens or The Blood Feud Family Singers. Despite his numerous commitments, musical and otherwise, Oxborrow set some timeRead More →

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Holy Fawn “Arrows” Flora Cash “Roses on Your Dress” Acorn Bcorn “Evil” Danielle Durack “San Francisco”  Tai Chi Tommy “Buried Under Your Love” Resin “Hoarse” Witterquick “Shattered Suns”  Read More →

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Saint Pierre “ACID” PWEST “Spaceship” Adam Reverie “Determination” Tin Tenn “Lucid Dreams” KINGDSMITH “Water Break” Charlie Curtis-Beard “Fried Chicken” Just For Kicks “Local Celebrity”  Read More →

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Baby FuzZ “Cig” I know that a lot of us threatened to move to Canada after the 2016 election, but Sterling Fox, the musician behind Baby FuzZ, actually went ahead and did just that. Fox moved to Montreal, Canada shortly before launching Baby FuzZ “in cultural protest of the misogynistic, racist,Read More →

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by Carly Schorman – Radio Phoenix, home to The YabYum Hour, also provides air time to a couple of sassy music-loving broads known far and wide as The Hay Girls. Carol Pacey and Song River both arrived in the music scene following very different paths, but together they are aRead More →

A rotating cast from the Foster Family Band joined us in the Radio Phoenix Studios and certainly a hootenanny was had by all.  We talked future plans of the band including new recordings, the complications that arise when you’re “in between violinists,” and we played a bunch of songs thatRead More →