Those wild n’ crazy Exxxtra Crispy boys came down to the Radio Phoenix studio and now the podcast is available for all of our listening pleasure. We talked about all sorts of music that they brought down, from AZ and beyond, as well as their new album and more. AsRead More →

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by Mark Anderson – The Tucson band known as The Rifle is a welcome addition to the Arizona music scene and their new album, Anabasis, proves a testament to the emotive power of desert rock. Their new album, Anabasis, is a definite Must Hear. Combining the singing-songwriting talents of Nelene DeGuzman (whichRead More →

Tow’rs “Going” from Sofar Sounds  Diet Cig “Barf Day” Live on KEXP Alë Jay “Face Turns Blue”  from Sofar New York  Delafaye “Thinking of You” Adam Smith “Where I Wanna Be” Live at The Listening Room [Phoenix] Beat Sampras “Distant Shore”  Sunset Voodoo “Testify” Live at the Crescent BallroomRead More →

Dominick Provenzano “Twilight Road”  Choosing a favorite single from Dominick Provenzano’s s/t solo debut was difficult, but as the challenge required repeated visits, I felt up to the challenge. Provenzano’s stellar songwriting style first made an impression on me back when he was performing with Day Before Plastics and, then,Read More →

Stinkeye “No Spoon” Bruiser Queen “Have Fun” Vinyl Tigers “Heart for None” Forever Cult “Codeine” Hightower “The Party” OTHERKIN “React” Document “Intermission”Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Holly Anderson. I have been creating my entire life but it wasn’t until seven years ago that I became a full time, world-collected artist creating large scale, heavily textured mixed media paintings. Painting with acrylics, watercolor, ink, and preferingRead More →

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Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all around swell guy Evan Bisbee showed up to the Reading Room with his Wurlitzer electric piano and blew us away with this brand new, heard-no-where-else song. Do yourself a favor and check out “Up Comes The Sun” below and then check out more of Evan’s workRead More →

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Even As We Speak “Such a Good Feeling” Even As We Speak is a band from Sydney [Australia] that formed in the 80s, began rising to prominence on the indie scene in the 90s, and then got caught in the wake of a label collapse. But the loss of SarahRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – I’m quite the fan of Emotional Response Records. Ever since their inception back in 2013, the indie label based out of Flagstaff, Arizona has put out some seriously stellar albums featuring bands from both near and far. In addition to a rather respectable catalog, Emotional ResponseRead More →

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Chappell Roan “Good Hurt”   Louis Schefano “Wish Something Would Happen” Sofia Imas “Journey” Rafael Vigilantics “Rambling Bones” Shawna Virago “Last Night’s Sugar” CHUCK “Cherry Tree” Comptalo “Drug”Read More →