5 Mellow Morning Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Novo Amor


For our regular readers, you might already be familiar with the haunting music of Novo Amor. Oftentimes, listeners will find Novo Amor’s celestial vocals and gentle orchestrations create emotional complex dreamscapes for wandering minds in need of soothing. “Colorway” proves no different. This latest track comes to us from Novo Amor’s recently released EP, Bathing Beach, so if you dig the single make sure you delve the full release. But you can always start with “Colorway” from Novo Amor below…

Simple Man

“Freedom of Smile”

This genre-blurring quintet from Highland Park (NJ) known as Simple Man (even though there are four of them)  released their s/t debut earlier this year and “Freedom of Smile” comes to us from that EP. The song kicks off with some gentle alt/indie permutations, but as we move through the track, some other elements begin to sneak their way into the sound, up to and including reggae. The EP was produced by Jeremy McDonald at the Brooklyn-based studio Mason Jar Music. I suggest giving “Freedom of Smile” a spin below and then heading here for the complete EP.

Flora Cash


Flora Cash brings our only electropop number to this mix, but one that approaches with the ease of a pleasant dream rather than a club-banger. Unlike all those Cali-based bands who write songs about their homestate, Flora Cash calls Stockholm home and approaches our Western neighbor more as a place of mind rather than a physical locale. According to the artists, the song “describes a longing to be free” no matter the rigors in place to achieve an unencumbered existence. Check out “California” below or head here for the digital download!

Cardinal Harbor

“Altar Ego”

Chicago’s Cardinal Harbor takes elements of prog-, indie-, and alt-rock for a unique musical merging on their mellow new single, “Altar Ego”. The track kicks off with some atmospheric harmonies before tethering the sound through some salt-of-the-earth guitars .The song remains dynamic from start to finish but it does so with total fluidity. “Altar Ego” is the opening track from Cardinal Harbor’s EP, Euclid, which is available for preview and purchase here. But you can start with “Altar Ego” below…

Niko Rose

“Ms. Lady”

Oh, the Rose brothers of Cave Creek. So musically talented, so difficult to tell apart… That’s okay. We love them all. Niko, who may or may not be the youngest (who can say?), dropped this lovely little ditty last month. Short, sweet, and totally enchanting, “Ms. Lady” is one of those songs I can put on repeat to embarrassing ends which feels a little lecherous. But, hey, it’s music. Listen to “Ms. Lady” from Niko Rose below…


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