7 Super Cool Singles

super cool singles 00by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Annabel Allum

“Rich Backgrounds”

This song wants me to smoke a pack of cigarettes in the parking lot of a shitty bar. It wants me to get piss drunk before choosing an ironic tattoo. “Rich Backgrounds” is so good it makes me want to do bad things. Things that, as an adult, I strive to avoid. Annabel Allum offers up some gritty alt-rock that will get you moving and a hook that will hold you, line and sinker, as she lays out some angst-driven energy. This Surrey artist musician is someone you should be paying attention to. Check out “Rich Backgrounds” from Annabel Allum below…

Thunder Ann Crockett


This indie rock duo is originally from the Phoenix-area but they now call Nashville home. That’s okay. We won’t hold that against you. “Serotonin” comes to us from Thunder Ann Crockett’s debut LP – High Functioning – which came out in February. Immediately, I was taken in by the melancholy tone of the instrumentation and the smokey vocals. Thunder Ann Crockett swirls in an earthy, blues-tinged folk into their unique indie sound. Check out “Serotonin” below and then go get your own copy of High Functioning (available here).

Hearty Har

“Can’t Keep Waiting”

This 5-piece psych-rock band sounds straight up West Coast so it’s befitting they call the City of Angels home. Hearty Har made a kickback single perfect for poolside parties or beach bonfires with “Can’t Keep Waiting”. This track is for those of us who might feel a little trapped by our own inertia, but it comes in a fun garage rock package. Shane Fogerty of Hearty Har penned the song about being caught in an endless cycle while in the grip of home recording. All of you familiar with that process might have a whole different take on “Can’t Keep Waiting”. Just think about the following line from the song while also remembering trying to get those vocal tracks down just so: “I can’t keep waiting for a sign, to bring me peace or mind, to bring me not to bind me, wrong me or rewind me!” You just get it, right? Check out “Can’t Keep Waiting” from Hearty Har below…



Alaska Reid is the principle songwriter (and central force) behind Alyeska, the band. I think what I like most about Alyeska’s songwriting style is the real sense of time and place the band creates in their music. “Tilt-A-Whirl” takes the listener back to those earlier days of dwindling innocence when boys (or girls, or whatever) were these seemingly distant objects of endless fascination. Alyeska, the band, creates a blithe soundscape touched by that same tarnished innocence that you get from the lyrics. We all know the age… that special time of life when you can’t wait to cast of the last vestiges of youth with reckless abandon. “Tilt-A-Whirl” perfectly captures that moment. Give the single from “Alyeska” a spin below…

Joseph of Mercury

“Without Words”

At the start of “Without Words”, I immediately pegged Joseph of Mercury as a crooner from the Old School, but when the music kicked in, I realized I was in for another experience entirely. This dreamy number moves with unmarred fluidity while Joseph of Mercury delivers his perfectly pitched lilt of lyrics. There’s something vintage in that voice while the surrounding soundspace is totally present-tense; existing somewhere in the ether between loungey post-rock and dream pop. Listen below…

Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds


These fellas sure have a mouthful of a name, but they have a sound to make it stick. Their slow-burning single, “Bones”, starts off mellow, but this dynamic number will take you through several permutations as that grr goes full growl. “Bones” marks the first official single from this Phoenix act, but rumor has it that nine more tracks are on their way. So keep your ears open for new music from Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds this year. Check out “Bones” below and then all you locals should make plans to catch this act live. Your next two chances both happen on Record Store Day so you can take your pick: Daytime or Nighttime.


“Tell Me It’s Mutual”

Hey, it can be difficult to put yourself out there – musically or romantically. The Melbourne grunge pop band known as Furlong tackles the mixed bag of emotions that often explodes open during these confessional moments. “Tell Me It’s Mutual” reminds me of the very best of 90s grunge rockers – all angst and flannel and sunglasses – but Furlong puts a contemporary alt-rock spin to bring that sound into modernity. I can definitely tell this single is going to enjoy some Spotify playlist placement (from me as well as others). Make sure you check out “Tell Me It’s Mutual” from Furlong below…

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