Absofacto “Light Outside” Thomas Dybdahl “Just a Little Bit” Inner Tongue “Underworld” Emmi “Talk To Me” Nick de la Hoyde “Love Takes Time” moon:and:6 “Houston (It’s Hard to Know When Your Heart Is Letting Go)” D-Pulse “Anna”Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Mignon Gould and I am the founder and Agent-in-Chief of TheChicSpy.com, an online style and entertainment publication featuring the works of creatives in fashion, film, and pop culture. How did you get your start? Several years ago I workedRead More →

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LUAU stopped by the Radio Phoenix studio a few days before their Gone EP album release. We talked the release show, Phoenix music subreddits, and Crescent Ballroom burritos among other hot topics. Plus, the band brought down a ton of great Valley (+ Las Cruces!) bands to play live onRead More →

PHFAT x Mac Motel “Keep You Safe” Tok Sik “Show Me the Money” Phoenix “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Lij “Absence” Jamar “Freedom” Brilly Asher “Toonami Flow” F.A.M.E. “Used To”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The Fontaines “Vacancy” The Fontaines might describe their sound as “New-Wop from L.A.” but I would definitely cite more New Wave influence than Do-Wop on their latest single, “Vacancy”. Ethereal vocals and a chill pop vibe make for a seriously catchy number. “Vacancy” comes toRead More →

Jaded “In the Morning” Harper and the Moths “Chemicals” RAC “This Song” Lindi Ortega “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone” The New Electric “T-Shirt” SUNDNCR “We Dance to Remember” Dutch Melrose “Fame on Her”  Read More →

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by Brandon Kellum of American Standards Starting a band can be a highly profitable venture that definitely will not consume your every waking hour… said no one ever. In my first Lessons Learned I started with touring. If you haven’t checked that out, go read it next. I figured with this oneRead More →

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by Chris Nunley Staff Writer – One of the biggest deterrents I believe that keeps noise music from reaching a wider audience is fear. Fear of the unknown and grounded by chaos: “noise” as a genre follows no rules. Tracing its primordial roots back to the Dada movement of theRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Old Nobodaddy “Bury the Hatchet” I like my folk music tall, brooding, and murderous which, thankfully, is waaay different from how I like my men. Well, all except the tall part, I guess.  Old Nobodaddy sounds like his roots run deep, down into the sludgyRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Jaime Paul Lamb is a music archivist. Not only of his own bands (of which there are many), but of many great lofi/garage/punkrock bands across this fine nation as well. We here at YabYum came across his music a couple years ago and were instantlyRead More →

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IRTH (formerly Daemon & Airdrie) “China Shop” Lil Bobby Jr & the Horsey House Band “in my heart” The Lords of Liechtenstein “Witches” Sara Phillips “House on Fire” Seaker “The Waters” Frass Green “Susky/Slow Life” three and me “Who Are You?”Read More →