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Craig Brown Band “Overthinking” The Suitcase Junket “The Next Act” Devil Grass “St. Joe’s Spitting Image” Jane N’ The Jungle “Walking Cleopatra” DL Marble “Country Love Song” J Lind “I Don’t Know” Ripsy May “I’ll Understand”Read More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – It’s no secret I get down to my fair share of electronic music. While I tend not to veer to the more commercial side of things, I have noticed that I find pop songs are a bit more palatable these days as electronica continuesRead More →

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by Joe Golfen Staff Writer – The Darts The Darts Nicole Laurenne and Christina Nunez are garage rock machines. Having set Phoenix, and the rest of the world, on fire with their beloved The Love Me Nots, they’ve also graced stages as members of Motobunny, Casual Encounters, Zero Zero andRead More →

Bad Flamingo “Whiskey Lies” The mask-wearing musical duo known as Bad Flamingo doesn’t really seem to have the public-sharing-push of this social media generation. In fact, the details about the musicians behind Bad Flamingo aren’t very forthcoming so we’ll have to let the music speak for itself. Their debut single,Read More →

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Nader, and I’m a commercial portrait and fashion photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. How did you get your start? I started years ago as the buddy with the disposable camera in high school. Yep, disposable. Kodak and Walgreens made someRead More →

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Olivia O’Brien “Empty” Jeffrey James “Hand Grenade” Erin McCarley “Good” Olivia Cipolla “Room Service” Sidnie Tipton “President” Cali De La Rosa “Summer Baby” Madeline Juno “No Words”  Read More →

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Brand new band Parlor Birds joined us at the Birdcage, that is, the Radio Phoenix Studios, earlier this month and now the podcast is available for your listening pleasure. We chatted with Mike and Kuhar about the band, what’s coming up, and, as usual, our guests brought along some killerRead More →

The Palms “Push Off” from Balcony TV The Haymarket Squares “Plow These Fields” Mother, Mother “Letter” Jillian and the Giants “Champagne and Pearls” Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra “Wayfaring Stranger” Charge the Atlantic “I Know You’d Be There” Dear Lemon Trees “Cackalackys” Live at JITV HQRead More →

AG “Places” SCRUB and ACE HA “Plastic Rock Vol. II” Mr. Miranda “Do Me” Cels Dupri “Breathe Freestyle” Airospace “Heliosphere” Quincy Davis “Lighthouse” Donte Peace “Fuck Skoo”  Read More →

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CAT “You Belong to Me” L.A.’s Cat Pierce, formerly of The Pierces, has ditched the surname and embarked upon a solo, and single-syllable, project. CAT penned the track while, and I quote, “micro-dosing with mushrooms,” but don’t expect some tripped out, SoCal stoner jam sess. The artist’s journey is ultimately aRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – So, I’ve been a Playboy Manbaby fan since the band’s inception or, at least, since their very first show. And, as I’ve stated before, they keep getting better with every single album they put out (which is really saying something considering the band has been consistentlyRead More →